5 Useful Considerations To Deliberate Before Renting A Storage Unit

Self-storage facilities offer practical storage solutions off-site. Since you are going to retain potential high-value items in the unit which can’t be monitored or controlled in the same way as on-site, you must be confident in the facility to provide you with the requirements you desire. These tips can be helpful in deciding on the storage unit you want to rent.


Your chief consideration should be the security of the site. Before selecting a self-storage facility, it is recommended to visit the site and ask the right questions about the security they offer. Consider CCTV on site, the quality of the locks on the units, and the ease of access to the units. While protecting your belongings is important, it is also essential that access to the unit is not an issue. Key fob-controlled gates are excellent and offer convenience to yourself and protect against unwanted visitors.


A storage unit must be able to protect your belongings against the elements; therefore, it is essential that the units must be of good quality. Considerations are waterproofing, structural integrity, fireproofing, and moisture control. Make sure you pay a visit to the site and commit to asking about this. Also, look inside the units for signs of rust, damp, and other deficiencies.

Ease Of Loading Or Unloading Your Goods

It is worthwhile in assessing how easy it would be to load and unload your possessions when considering self storage Middletown NY since not all self-storage units have direct access. Some will provide bays with trolleys to be able to load from a distance. This is not a convenient option when you have a large volume of content, especially for businesses where ease of access is crucial during seasonal or short-term stock hold. Be sure to check out the units before agreeing or signing any agreement.

The Cost Of The Storage

Self-storage container prices are not always staying consistent. One of the trickeries of this industry is for storage facilities to provide a low introductory rate to lure customers into obtaining their service. And once they moved in, the price is hiked up, banking on the clients not wishing to move their goods back out again due to the inconvenience. It is essential to obtain a comprehensive overview of the self-storage costs, primarily based on the length of time the unit will be needed. Select a self-storage facility where the pricing is communicated transparently upfront.

Can You Obtain Vehicle Hire As Well?

The disadvantage associated with an off-site storage unit is that you’ll be requiring transport to move the goods from your house or office to the unit. If you don’t have access to a truck or van, this could be an extra self-storage cost that you may have to factor in. The best-reputed self-storage facilities will provide hiring a truck as part of the packages, making it more convenient for the customer to make use of their facility. It is always worth inquiring whether this service is on offer.

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