4 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Look Clean and Gorgeous Place

It is everyone’s dream to have a clean and beautiful home. It is the one place you look forward to going after a long day at work, from a meet up with friends, or even a fantastic vacation. There is no place better than home. Wherever you are, you usually miss being in your home. Consequently, the place you love must stay beautiful and clean. 

Learning the importance of having a clean home

Once you understand why you need to keep your home clean at all times, you will be motivated to make it stay attractive.


You need somewhere you can take your mind off things, relax, and rest to get rejuvenated for the next activity. A clean home reduces stress and fatigue. If there is clutter everywhere in your home, your eyes do not get time to rest. More so, it is a constant reminder that there is pending work that needs to be done. A clean home will relieve stress and physical and mental fatigue.

Eliminating germs

According to experts who write for us on health, a house that is not clean is a breeding ground for germs. Note that germs and bacteria thrive best in unclean and moist places. Constant cleaning will ensure that your home is clear of germs. More so, it will prevent the multiplication and spread of bacteria. 

Also, through proper cleaning and disposal of waste, you keep pests which facilitate the spread of germs away.


Cleaning your home and keeping the clutter away instantly enhances the aesthetics of your home. It leaves your home smelling good and fresh, which also prevents incidents of allergic reactions

There are several ways that you can keep your home clean and healthy place and make it more attractive with least amount of effort. 


Add wall mirrors and keep them spotless clean 

Wall mirrors play an essential role in homes. Apart from being very instrumental in grooming, they are decorative. They stand out, and when placed strategically in a home, they draw attention from other areas that need fixing. They also bring brightness and airiness. Keeping your wall mirrors clean will, make your home attractive

Note that mirrors are easily noticeable. If you have one in the hallway, it is the first thing a guest will notice. If it has watermarks and streaks of dirt, it will create a bad impression. Since they show dirt easily, it is essential to be vigilant with keeping them spotless.

Enhancing durability

Failure to properly maintain wall mirrors can reduce its life. If it is a framed wall mirror, it should be cleaned accordingly to prevent the damage of the frame material. Note that if the water spots wall mirrors are not cleaned in good time, they become tough stains. With time they become tough to remove or even permanent. Mirrors with these stains can make your home unsightly. More so, it may get to a point where you can no longer use the mirrors. Frames made of metal material can corrode if they stay in contact with moisture, dirt, and other chemicals for too long. 

Remove sticker from table glass to keep it shiny

Here are the methods which you can use for removing stickers from any glass.

 Removing the sticker from the table is the other way you can keep your home attractive. While table stickers or decals can be used to enhance privacy in homes or other cases, decoration, they can become stubborn. On removal, the adhesive that makes them sticky may get stuck on your glass tables. They are unsightly, and also tend to accumulate dust with time. 

Removing a sticker from a table using these tricks will help in keeping your glass table shiny. 

Cooking oil and soda

Cooking oil and baking soda has a proven track record of effectively removing stickers from glass. It works by disintegrating the structure of the adhesives hence making it easy to remove. The process is pretty simple. All you need to do is apply oil on the sticker, not forgetting the edges. Let the oil sit in for a while; then, you can go ahead and remove the sticker.


This can be found in several products, including nail polish remover. Just like cooking oil, acetone does a great job of breaking down the adhesive, making removal of stickers from the table effortless. You can either rub out the decal using the nail polish remover or apply and let it sit for a while then remove it. If the adhesive is still on the glass table, rub it out using cotton wool

If you don’t have nail polish remover, you can use vinegar instead.

Ammonia table cleaner

Stickers, especially the ones used for tint, or occupying large areas, are not at all easy to remove. They may require a more aggressive approach, like using a steamer and a table cleaner containing ammonia. The steamer is used to weaken the sticker, to make peeling off easy. On the other hand, the ammonia table cleaner is used to rub out the adhesive still stuck on the surface of the glass table after sticker removal.

Add some natural plants inside the room

According to experts who write for us on real estate and home improvement, adding some natural plants in your home will instantly make your house clean and attractive. Indoor plants take in the carbon dioxide we breathe out and release oxygen. This goes a long way in ensuring that there is an adequate supply of clean and fresh air in your home. More so, some plants smell good and play the role of natural air fresheners.

Plants are beautiful and can bring in a decorative effect in your home. 

Conceal the clutter and maintain minimalistic design 

Clinging to items that you do not use in your home only makes your house look disorganized and untidy. Getting rid of clutter will be a step in the right direction in making your home clean and attractive. Remember that pests can make camp in the furniture stacked in the store or any other corner of your house. Discarding duplicates, and keeping only the basics will make your home clean, easy to maintain, and attractive.

Home is not easy to be built. A clean home is a happy home. Keeping wall mirrors and glass tables clear of dirt is one of the ways to achieve this. This is mainly because they contribute significantly to the interior design of your home. The other means to maintain cleanliness and the aesthetics of your home is by keeping indoor plants and maintaining a minimalist interior design.

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