How to Update Wicker Bedroom Furniture

Wicker furniture can be a great addition to any home, but it can often look outdated and over time people can lose their love for their delightful wicker pieces. Usually, when this happens, people decide to throw away or sell their wicker furniture, but did you know you can actually paint wicker furniture? Whether you're looking to update bedroom furniture or outdoor wicker furniture, paint is a great way to go.

How to paint wicker furniture

In order to paint furniture, you will need:

  • Paint sprayer
  • Drop cloth
  • Paint
  • Painters rags
  • Old paintbrush
  • Painters tape
  • Respirator breathing mask
  • Goggles
  • Mild dish soap

Step one: repair and clean the wicker furniture

The first thing you need to do to your wicker chairs or wicker headboards before you can paint them is clean them. You can use a hoover to remove dust from the nooks and crannies of the wicker furniture, and then use a wet cloth or sponge with degreaser (mild dish soap will work) to remove any dirt.

Step two: degloss the wicker furniture

Using a deglosser, wipe the furniture carefully to remove the glossy surface. This will make it much easier for the paint to stick when you begin painting. This will prevent your paint flaking.

Step three: remove hardware and tape up the chair

To protect parts of your wicker furniture that you do not want painted, like the handles on a wicker dresser or the legs on a wicker chair, you will need to remove any removable hardware and tape over anything with painter's tape.

Step four: prepare the paint

You will then need to mix the paint, and load it into the paint sprayer. According to RevampSpray, spray painting wicker furniture is easier than painting it by hand.

To figure out exactly how to use your paint sprayer, read the manufacturer's instructions and follow the details there. If there are none, or they are not easy to follow, look up the make and model online for help and support in using your paint sprayer.

Step five: begin painting

You will want to begin painting from the underneath or the back of the piece of furniture. This will allow you to see what the paint looks like before you reach a visible area. It is best to paint with a slow and even motion, moving back and forth evenly. It is important that you paint from different angles, as this will help you to get an even coat.

For wicker furniture, you will need at least two coats of paint. You must let the first coat of paint dry completely before you begin the second, otherwise, the spray paint will not dry properly. You will need to leave a fresh coat of paint to dry for a while, and whilst it is drying it is recommended to flush the paint sprayer with water so that the paint doesn't dry.

When you're painting the rattan furniture, it may be worth using a paintbrush to cover the nooks and crannies. The way that wicker stuff is made means that there are a lot of gaps and dents to cover, and it can be hard to cover them all with spray paint.

Step five: remove painter's tape

Once you're sure that the spray paint is dry, you can remove the painter's tape. It is important to wait for the paint to dry before you remove the tape, as it may affect the finish otherwise.

Updating wicker furniture: what else can you do?

Other than spray paint, what else can you do to update wicker furniture and make your garden patio look better? There are a few options that will help to bring your wicker dresser, wicker headboards or whatever else up to scratch. You can:

Swap out the hardware

As well as changing the colour of your wicker bedroom furniture, you can also add new knobs and hinges to your piece. This will help to improve the appearance of the furniture and after you've put a fresh coat on the wicker it will help to bring the look together.

Use wallpaper to line the wicker furniture

If you've got wicker pieces that have drawers or shelves, you can make use of wallpaper or vinyl stickers to add another level of fancy to the design. Even with small projects, it will add to the wicker or rattan furniture more than just painting the woven furniture.

Use different colours

You don't have to spray paint the chair, table or woven headboard all one colour. You can use painter's tape to separate certain sections and paint them a separate colour to the rest of the furniture if you want to match the item to multiple colours in the room.

Add upholstery

You could add pillows to your wicker chairs if you wanted to, or to wicker headboards. All you'd need to do is to decide how you'd like to attach the cushions to the wicker item. You could use velcro, non-slip pads, or even glue the fabric to the chair if you wanted to.

Adding a cushion to your wicker item will help to soften the look of the item, and can make your wicker chair easier to fit into any decor, as you can change the cushion as you see fit. If you do decide to add a cushion to your wicker chair, you will need to do so after you have painted it and once the paint has completely dried.

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