Where Are the Least Expensive Zip Codes in Maryland?

Where Are the Least Expensive Zip Codes in Maryland?

Maryland is one of the most beautiful states and has some of the best homes in the country. The state is on the lower side as far as the cost of living, and there are plenty of places that have great prices on their homes. If you want to see some of the best places to live in Maryland, keep reading for some of the least expensive zip codes.

While the cost of living can vary, the housing cost usually takes up about 33% of people's monthly expenses, so it is one of the easiest to gauge the overall price of living in the area. We went through the United States Zip Code site to find the lowest zip codes based on their monthly housing cost. Look at some of these great places to look for homes at rock-bottom prices.

1)  21672 (Toddville, MD)

$297 monthly housing cost

Toddville is located in Dorchester County, and it is full of fantastic homes. The median listing price is currently in the mid-100k range, but the low monthly cost shows that the local mortgage rates might be lower. It also might indicate that the area is a renters market, so it’s an ideal spot for anyone looking to buy an investment property.

The area has a population of roughly 175 people, and it has a cost of living that is about 24% lower than the rest of the country. Residents love living right beside the beautiful FIshing Bay.

2)  21542 (Midland, MD)

$533 monthly housing cost

This beautiful little town is located in Allegany County, and the population is about 400 residents. Residents of the area love the stunning views you can get from nearby Dan’s Rock, and they also love the fantastic location. The monthly living expenses have risen slightly over the last year ($497 to $533), but the housing costs are still in great shape.

The median home value is around 50k, which is amazing compared to most places in the country, but it’s lower due to the fact that most of the properties that have recently sold are lots, instead of homes. There are a few homes available, but this area is a great spot to check out if you want to find some good land at a low price.

3)  21531 (Friendsville, MD)

$554 monthly housing cost

Friendsville is a delightful town that is located in Garrett County, and it has about 500 residents. They are known by locals for their fantastic local river, the Youghiogheny River, which is known by white water rafter enthusiasts all over the country. The town is easy to access as Interstate 68 runs directly through it, and it is located right near the state lines of Ohio and Pittsburgh.

Where Are the Least Expensive Zip Codes in Maryland?

The town has an average home selling price in the mid-200k range, and they have plenty of larger homes for sale at incredible prices. The cost of living is around 20% lower than the rest of the country, so this is an ideal place to be if you want to save some money for the future.

4)  21550 (Oakland, MD)

$699 monthly housing cost

Situated in the eastern part of the state is Oakland, which is close to many great features like the nearby Wisp Resort and Ocean City. The town has about 1,900 residents, and it has a cost of living that is roughly 19% lower than the rest of the country. This town is located in a great spot, and it has some of the best home prices in the area.

The town has several major highways that run nearby, making it a good place for anyone who wants to commute to some of the nearby cities for work. The town has an average home sale price in the mid-100k range, so it’s an excellent choice for buying investment properties.

5)  21842 (Ocean City, MD)

$663 monthly housing cost

It's situated in the worcester county which is the county in the state of Maryland that is the furthest to the east. It is the least expensive zip code among other Ocean City zip codes. Due to the close proximity to the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, the local climate is quite pleasant. The region has a moderate cost of living. The region has become somewhat of a magnet for small enterprises attempting to escape the high costs of east coast cities.

September, May, and June are the most comfortable months, while January and February are the less pleasant. It has a population of 10,528 and a rate of 9.9% unemployment. Ultimately, it is one of the least costly and most beautiful zip codes in Maryland.

6)  21532 (Frostburg, MD)

$745 monthly housing cost

Another excellent choice for great home prices is the beautiful city of Frostburg. The city is well known for its University campus, Frostburg State University, and its amazing artistic and cultural community. Residents love the fantastic art galleries and the planetarium on the campus that are available to the public.

They have a cost of living that is 20% lower than the rest of the country, and the median home sale price is in the lower 100k range. The city has a population of about 9,000 residents, with another 5,400 that attend the University.

There are so many fantastic places in Maryland to find great homes at incredible prices. These are just a few of the places in the state that are on the cheaper side for living costs, and luckily, they all have a wide range of homes and properties available. Maryland is a great place to look for inexpensive homes, so have a look at some of these great cities today to find the home that suits you the best.

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