Tricks to Keep Mosquitoes from Overrunning Your Property

As it warms up outside mosquitoes begin to become a serious problem once again. These little pests can turn a relaxing evening outdoors into a nearly unbearable experience, but they can be difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, there are some tricks that you can use to keep these little pests away from your property. Below are our top tips to help you keep mosquitoes out of your yard and to help make your space a bit more comfortable when you sit down to relax. You won't eradicate the mosquito population entirely with these tips, but they will at least help with the problem and make you more comfortable during the warmest months of the year when the problem is the worst.

Remove Stagnant Water Sources

One of the main contributors to mosquito problems is stagnant pools of water. Whether you have buckets filled with water, gutters that aren't draining, shallow puddles in your back yard or any other water source sitting around in your yard, these are potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes that will only make your problem worse. Remove them from your yard and you'll notice an almost immediate drop in the mosquito population at that point.

Grow Repellant Plants

With help from seasoned lawn pros, you can pick out plants that naturally repel casinos from your property. There are some plants that attract mosquitoes and others that scare them away. Basil is a good example of a plant that works well for keeping mosquitoes at bay and so is citronella. Grow either of these plants along with other fragrant favorites like lemon balm and garlic and you'll discourage mosquitoes from settling down in your yard. Add these plants carefully and you can turn them into decor for your yard that accentuates its beauty even more.

Apply Mosquito Repellants to Your Yard

While mosquito repellant products aren't a permanent solution for mosquitoes, there are yard repellants that you can get to help keep mosquitoes out of your space. These sprays and chemical products can be put all throughout your lawn to discourage mosquitoes from getting comfortable in your yard. Read the directions on these products carefully and make sure you don't apply chemicals that can damage your yard to your lawn. If you aren't sure about which chemicals you should be using or how to most effectively treat against mosquitoes you can seek out the help of a professional lawn care company to help you effectively treat your yard. With their help, you can have more useful chemicals put on your lawn that should at least help cut down on the number of mosquitoes that are flying around as the sun begins to dip down below the horizon.

Add Bat Houses to Your Property

Bats are very good at eating mosquitoes and even a small population of bats on your property can effectively reduce the number of mosquitoes that you have to deal with. Installing a few bat houses around your property will give the little furry guys a place to call home and will help keep them out of your house at the same time. Bat houses are easy to install and they will at least help you combat the mosquito issue.

Put on Bug Spray

Adding bug spray to your skin before you head out back to relax in your yard is an excellent way to keep the bugs off you while you're out there. Just make sure to follow all the directions on the container to avoid putting it on too often and applying it improperly. As long as you take care when putting spray on you should at least reduce your chances of getting a mosquito bite.

Consider Tents and Other Protective Enhancements to Your Yard

Even though tents and bug nets don't actually remove mosquitoes from your yard, they are useful for keeping the pests away from you while entertaining your company out in your back yard. Add a net to your canopy or gazebo and sit outdoors at night without being bothered.

By applying some of the mosquito-proofing measures up above you can reduce the number of these little pests that you have to deal with when the sun starts to go down. If you aren't sure about how to effectively treat your yard or you don't know which products will work best, consider consulting pros to help you make the right decision. At King Green lawn care we offer mosquito treatment services and will apply treatments to your lawn that help keep the pests away throughout the warm season. We can also help you with your lawn maintenance needs to help keep your space looking great for entertaining and enjoying time outside in your yard all year round.

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