Quality Doors Can be Included on a Budget Garage

As new homeowners looking to keep your costs down, one of the best ways to minimize your costs is to invest as little as possible into extras like the garage. This is especially true if you don't plan to use your garage for much more than keeping your cars out of the elements throughout the year. It's true that you can save a great deal of money by skimping on your garage, but one area that you don't want to skimp on is the garage doors themselves. The doors need to function well for many years, and when you get the cheapest option you'll likely suffer from some issues over time. Fortunately, you can get reliable doors that look good without spending a fortune.

Choose Affordable Aluminum Doors

Garage doors can be made from many different materials, some of which are very expensive. While you don't want to buy cheap sheet metal doors that will take damage and rust in short order, you can get sturdy aluminum doors that will function well over time and hold up reasonably well as long as you aren't trying to dent them. Of course, some doors are better than others, so make sure you get from a well-known brand and try to get doors with a good warranty attached to them as well for the best results. Investing just a bit more into your doors to make sure you get a good warranty will go a long way toward giving you the results that you want out of your installed doors.

Get a Dependable Opener with Minimal Features

One of the best ways to save money on your garage door purchase is to go with a good reliable door opener that doesn't offer a huge number of special features. You don't need smartphone connectivity in your door opener for it to work properly for you. Consider whether you can do without the extra features and choose a well-made opener that's from a well-known brand for good results. Also, make sure you're only getting the right power rating for your doors without paying for too much power. For most people, a ⅜ HP or ½ HP motor is more than enough power to lift up those doors. Only upgrade to a ¾ HP or 1 HP unit if you have oversized garage doors that are more than 16' in width or more.

Get Quality Springs and Rollers

One area that you should spend additional money if at all possible is on the springs and the rollers of your garage door system. If you're working with professionals offering different garage door setups, ask about upgrading the springs and the rollers of your kit. These parts fail the quickest, and spending slightly more for superior springs and rollers will keep your garage running well for years longer without the need for major repairs or replacements. If you go with one of the budget kits find out if you can upgrade the springs and rollers in your set to make your finished door system more reliable. It's a worthwhile upgrade that won't cost you much if you have it done when the doors are being put in.

Ask Local Professionals for Recommendations

When your goal is to build a budget garage while still having doors that you can count on, don't be afraid to sit down and talk with experts on garage doors like our team. We will walk you through the different available options for you to choose from and explain why our doors are affordable and what sort of tradeoffs you'll get when you spend less on your garage doors. Don't automatically spend more money on a garage door just because you think it's going to be of high quality. Talk with experts and find out what you're getting for your money, make a list of features that are important to you and only pay for the things you actually care about while forgetting about all the other features.

Get Qualified Installers to Put them In

Once you know which doors will meet your needs properly, you need to hire the right installers like Nabors Doors in Atlanta & Peachtree City to put them in. A good installer can turn a mediocre door into a reliable product that you can depend on for more than a decade. Spend a bit more for top-notch installation experts, choose a solid garage door system for your garage and you'll enjoy top-tier results at a reasonable price. You shouldn't get the cheapest doors available for purchase, but you also don't have to buy one of the luxury door kits either for your budget garage build. Get something in the middle and enjoy the perfect balance of performance and cost that you can be happy with.

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