Top Tips for Reducing Stress While Planning a Big Move

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Planning a big move can be exciting. You may be moving into a new home you just purchased, or you might be making an exciting trip across state lines for a new beginning. Whatever your situation, there’s one thing most people experience during the process: stress. Fortunately, there are ways to manage your stress levels, regardless of how much is involved in the moving process. Consider following some of this advice below.

Hire the Experts

Getting help with your move may be one of the best decisions you ever make. Along with having to pack boxes and shift furniture, you also have to redirect your mail, set up utilities, and make sure your pets and children are cared for while their surroundings become chaotic.

When you hire moving experts, they can take care of some of these steps for you. They may also offer helpful advice and a variety of convenient moving services to make sure the entire process goes off without a hitch.

Downsize Before the Move

It can be tempting to speed up the moving process by throwing everything into boxes to be sorted out at the other end. However, the fewer possessions you own, the fewer you have to unpack and find space for in your new apartment or house. 

In the months or weeks leading up to moving day, consider donating, selling, and throwing away items you no longer require or haven’t used for some time. Old children’s toys, kitchen appliances, and knick-knacks can all take up unnecessary space. Having a cleaning day may also save you money on the move itself, with some movers charging by weight and how much space in their truck your possessions take up.

Make a Plan in Advance

When you first moved into your current premises, you likely picked up furniture over time to suit the space. Every house has a different layout, which means your current possessions may not fit your future home. If you can get photos of your new home’s layout in advance, this can help you form a plan. You can decide where your furniture will fit and can even preemptively sell possessions that won’t.

Label Boxes in Detail

Even though moving can be stressful, you may be able to ease your stress levels with something as simple as labeling your moving boxes in as much detail as possible. Where possible, label them with the room they are to go into and the general name of the items within the box. For example, kitchen pots and pans could have the label ‘kitchen – pots and pans.’ There can be no confusion about what’s in the box or which room to put it in.

Make a Plan for Children and Pets

Moving can be stressful enough for adults, but even more so for pets and children who may be unsure what’s going on. If possible, make arrangements for them in advance.

For example, you may like to put your pets into kennel and cattery facilities so that you can be settled in before they arrive, and maybe even send the children to family members, so you have time to furnish their bedrooms.

Even though moving house can be stressful, there are ways to mitigate that stress. Something as simple as hiring experts and labeling your boxes may make all the difference to how you feel once you put the key into your new door.

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