What Is The Cheapest Way To Remodel A Bathroom?

Bathroom renovation and remodel is one of the most common home improvements among homeowners in the United States. A bathroom remodel can boost the home’s resale value and can also improve the user’s comfort. Planning a bathroom remodel project, however, does not come cheap. With the rising cost of construction materials and fixtures, doing a bathroom remodel on a cheap budget requires you to pay attention to the common errors of other homeowners and avoid them. This article goes through how you can save money on your bathroom remodel project while still adding to the value of your home.

Invest in a Plan

Having a plan for your bathroom remodel project is one of the best ways to save money in the long run. Without a plan, you risk buying more materials than you need. In fact, you may end up making a few mistakes that will cost you a lot more money to repair. A good investment will be to contact an architect. Doing this gives you a setup and guide to work with. It will also help you to save the extra costs that may have gone into errors and repairs. With a bathroom remodel plan, you have a clear picture of what to buy and what goes where. Your architect can also work with you to draw up a realistic budget and may be able to help with a projected timeline for the remodel.

Maintain Your Old Plumbing

Installing new plumbing will cost you thousands of dollars. Having to relocate plumbing lines to cater to the newly positioned bathtub, toilet, and other utilities will cost you a lot more. A great way to keep yourself from spending that much is to work with the existing plumbing. Your architect should have been aware of this and would have factored this into the new design for your bathroom.

Mirror Frame-Up

Little additions can make a big impact on the appearance and appeal of your bathroom. You can add a new frame to the builder-grade mirror on your bathroom walls. You can also add LED light effects to the frames to give them character. Buying the frame and mirror will cost you a fraction of the amount that would have gone into purchasing new mirrors. You would also have been able to save yourself the extra cost of hiring an interior décor or an installer for the new mirror. With the frames, you can hide the flakes and other age-related blemishes on your mirror.

Update Your Toilet

If your toilet is in good condition, you can save a lot of money and time by buying a new toilet seat and lid instead of throwing out the entire toilet. With the new toilet seat and lid, you can add an updated look to your existing toilet while saving several hundreds of dollars. You also get to save more money on plumber installation fees.

Salvage Barns are Great for Cost Saving

Saving costs when remodeling your bathroom will mean you have to be creative. Instead of buying expensive new fixtures or items for your bathroom, you can explore yard sales, salvage sales, and clearance sales. These stores and sellers often have high-quality items on sale at a fraction of the original retail price. Take advantage of the discount sale to add a little bit of sophistication to your bathroom. Your pocket will thank you for that.

Vanity Upgrade

If you are tired of the existing vanity and interested in an upgrade, a good place to start your search is the flea markets. These markets often have underpriced vintage and antique items to go with your new bathroom. You can make appropriate modifications to accommodate the plumbing.

Seek Out Alternatives

Most bathroom walls are tiled to the ceiling. Doing this will cost you a lot of money. You can choose other creative options like reclaimed wood panels, beadboard, board and batten, and others. However, you should be prepared for the maintenance needs of wood. You’ll enjoy a warmer and more comfortable experience with wood installed on your walls.

Lighting and Open Shelves

Although the bathroom is a private space, you can create an illusion of space with open shelves if you have a small one. The shelves will serve to hold your private items while saving you more space. Adding extra lights to complement your builder-grade lighting is also a great way to add beauty to your bathroom without going over budget. Look for sales at home improvement stores and take advantage of them to purchase extra lighting for your bathroom.

A Fresh Lick of Paint

Nothing screams remodel like a fresh coat of paint. Make sure to choose the right paint color to add much-needed sophistication to your personal space. 

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