How do Professionals Clean Gutters?

Homeowners know that one of the most demanding parts of their purchase is maintenance. Keeping your home in top shape at all times has many benefits. First, you get to save more money on repairs and replacement. You also get to prevent problems that could happen when fixtures and installations are not properly maintained. One of the areas in the home that needs attention is your rain gutter. Your rain gutter is installed around the roof and does a great job collecting rainwater, ice, and snow. A properly installed rain gutter will channel this water away from your building and help to prevent common water-related problems. A functional rain gutter is connected to the downspouts. The downspout carries the water and directs it away from the foundation and building.

With a rain gutter in place, you can save yourself from the expensive cost of foundation repairs caused by water damage. You can also prevent the common incidence of basement flooding. However, to continue enjoying your rain gutter’s advantages, you need to subscribe to a gutter cleaning near me service. Several companies offer this service. In fact, your roofer may also offer gutter cleaning services. Gutter cleaning is essential to get rid of dirt and debris that may be blocking the flow of water away from your property. When gutter cleaning isn’t done, the buildup of organic matter, debris, and dirt can cause areas along the gutter to sag.

While you may think that gutter cleaning is a simple task that can be done using DIY instructions, remember that it can be dangerous. Several homeowners have fallen from a height or missed their steps, and this has cost them a lot more in medical bills. To save yourself from injuries and the added medical costs, hiring a professional gutter cleaner is recommended. If you are wondering how a professional cleans your rain gutter, below are the steps they follow.


Roof gutters are at a height. This means that to gain access, the professionals need high-quality ladders that are safety compliant. The very first step in the series of cleaning steps is to gain access to the roof gutter. Once access has been gained, and safety has been ascertained, the roof gutter cleaners inspect the roof gutter to determine whether it needs cleaning and to what extent debris has accumulated in it. When choosing a gutter cleaning professional for this job, make sure that they are licensed and insured. Hiring an insured gutter cleaning company will save you from bearing liability when accidents occur.

Roof Debris

To reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning, the professionals begin with roof cleaning. All of the debris and organic matter on the roof is cleaned off. Doing this will reduce the chances of dirt accumulation in the gutter after the job is done. Once this has been completed, a blower is used to ensure that no dirt adheres to the roof surface.

Gutter Debris

Once the roof gutter has been inspected, the roof cleaners get to work by removing the built-up debris in the roof gutter. Accumulated debris in a spot can cause backflow of water. Backflow can affect your foundation and cause basement water problems. Once the debris has been removed, a blower may be used to clear the gutter system thoroughly. Depending on the extent of the debris, vacuum cleaners or specialty tools may need to be deployed.

Downspout Cleaning

Large debris and clogs are often held in the downspouts. When not attended to early, these materials can cake up and clog the downspout. When this happens, it causes backflows similar to the drain problem you’ll experience when a plumbing issue arises. The professionals have special tools that can address those clogs and push them out. In some cases, the professionals may have to take the downspouts apart for proper cleaning.


Once the cleaning has been completed, a thorough inspection of the roof, rain gutter, and downspout is done. This inspection helps to ensure that there aren’t any problems that can compromise the safety and structure of the home. When this is completed, the professional will proceed to the cleanup phase. When hiring a professional gutter cleaner, be sure to ask whether they clean up after themselves. Asking and confirming this will save you a lot of money and stress. If the gutter cleaners offer cleanup services, they’ll get rid of the roof and gutter dirt and debris in your surroundings.

Gutter cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance. It should be done at least once a year during your annual roof inspection and maintenance practice.

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