Tips to Furnish Your Home Like a Pro

"The first impression is what counts," that's a basic rule to keep in mind. We always give the right importance to the entrance of the house: that it is inviting and that makes those who enter the house wants to see the rest!

So here are 5 tips that will make a difference to your house or apartment and that will allow you to furnish or renovate your home like a real Interior Designer!

Never underestimate an entrance

"There's never a second chance to make a good first impression." How right Oscar Wilde was!

The entrance is too often neglected, underrated. It is from here, however, that the rest of the house opens and this makes it almost a business card.

In a nutshell, an entrance, in addition to enclosing the basic functions of reception, must make anyone who enters your house wants to see the rest! In addition, if it is large, it can also take on a double value and become an entrance with a study or with a small reading corner attached.

So don't skimp on style and personality: a special wallpaper to cover a wall, a mirror and a coat hanger found in a market, a designer armchair, some beautiful photos hung and framed with taste and, finally, a touch of fantasy. Here are some great starting points to make your entrance a unique and inviting place!

Watch out for the colors!

Choosing the right palette is fundamental. Personal tastes obviously cannot and must not be discussed, but it is good to know that there are some really impeccable rules that allow you to enhance your home in the right way, even though the choice of colors with which to dress the walls.

The first of these concerns small rooms: if there is little space, it is good to opt for light colors because they allow light to travel in the room, making it wider to the eye.

In general, however, the choice of neutral and light colors appears to be a winner in any type of environment because it offers an excellent base, elegant and bright enough, suitable to accommodate any style of furniture, as well as allowing the inclusion of colorful and personal elements without running the risk of creating visual chaos.

Chalk white, cream, light grey, and turtledove are without doubt timeless and very chic shades with which to "play it safe".

However, color is always a good way to give personality and warmth to a room, but it must be dosed in the right way. The trick is to reserve the brightest shades or the boldest wallpapers small portions of the room: a niche, a backdrop or, if the space is large, a single wall will be perfect to give a touch of style to the room and enhance the color itself as if it were a painting.

Small tricks to enlarge spaces

If you have small and dimly lit rooms available, in addition to the clever use of very light colors, an infallible trick is to choose doors or glass walls to divide complementary spaces (for example the dining area from the living room or the kitchen from the living area). This gives depth to the room, making it appear much larger.

Another small trick is to use a mirror, perhaps antique or with a particular frame, as a furnishing object. The result will also be that of a brighter and apparently deeper environment.

Finally, if the ceilings of the house are not as high as we would like, we can overcome the problem by choosing low furniture elements, such as coffee tables, a low sofa, and bookcases not too high. The large portion of the free wall will give the optical illusion of a higher ceiling than it actually is! Also, it's important to consider your budget to save money.

The importance of furnishing accessories

Each room can be made unique with a few simple touches: small design elements and textiles have an enormous specific weight and must be chosen with care so that they harmonize with the rest of the room while giving the whole an extra touch.

The use of cushions, carpets, and curtains is, therefore, a pound-for-pound: plays of color, different shapes, and contrasting textures will give personal and unexpected touches and give different environments unique atmospheres. Some textiles, such as cushion covers for example, also have the great advantage of not necessarily being too expensive and can be renewed from time to time, perhaps seasonally.

Even the design elements must be used wisely: never overdo them, but inserting them is absolutely a must and it seems in this sense that the right proportion is 20-30% compared to the rest of the furniture. What does this mean? The winning move is to create a neutral furnishing base and on this play with bold and lively design elements, but always with the right thrift.

Paintings to dress large walls and objects such as vases or small sculptures will be authentic surprises of character and will be able to mark the most significant corners of the house.

The extra element: your personality!

Finally, here is the most important rule: never stop at the latest design trends!

Go for it with personality: mix styles, look for unique pieces in the markets and, above all, make the house tell your story. Beautiful personal photos hanging on the walls and enhanced by special frames, objects recovered from the most beautiful trips and memories accumulated over the years: here are the secret ingredients to be enhanced, those that will make your apartment an absolutely unique place!


Small works, in short, that could give a whole new meaning to the house, that would give it a new visual comfort and, above all, more space to furnish better and move and live with more freedom.

Once the basic elements have been arranged, you can begin to give free rein to your personality in the choice of furniture and colors, but here too, be careful not to leave anything to chance: every decision must be made with the right amount of awareness.

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