7 Tips for Maintaining Commercial Landscapes

Apartments with sprawling, designed lawns are attracting more and more tenants. People with families looking to move into a bigger space and those who want to live a healthier lifestyle are drawn to rental properties with green areas where they can enjoy the outdoors and breathe fresh air.

For this reason, apartment building owners with lawns will do well to have them designed to gain another feature they can add to their unique selling points.

A beautiful and safe outdoor space is also a good reason for residential building owners to raise their rent, thereby getting the chance to boost their ROIs and profits.

Lawns as Key Features of Rental Properties

Landscaping a commercial property, though, is only the beginning. Whether you are only investing in this project now or want to improve your designed lawn, keeping it appealing and safe for your current and future tenants is a must.

A lawn care company in Liberty Township, Ohio share below seven helpful tips for maintaining the good condition of your commercial landscape:

1.     Maintain a trimmed lawn

A manicured lawn is always a pleasant sight to see. As such, one of the landscape maintenance tasks you should prioritize is having the turf mowed regularly.

To keep your turf green and vibrant, make sure that only a third of the grass blades is trimmed during mowing. By doing so, you minimize the possibility of weeds, diseases, and pests popping up on your lawn.

A manicured lawn also lowers the amount of fertilizer it requires to thrive. You reduce the need for more frequent watering as well.

In addition, you can make your lawn more appealing by designing it. Have the mower rotate the mowing pattern since this makes your turf look manicured and appear tidier. Rotating the mowing pattern of your mowing equipment keeps a lawn from becoming compacted and rutted, too.

Keep in mind that mowing in the same direction repeatedly can give your turf a worn-out looking carpet. As such, ask your gardener or contractor to rotate his patterns.

2.     Incorporate plenty of perennial and native plants

Flowers, shrubs, and trees add color to your landscape. However, growing and maintaining them can be time-consuming.

To minimize the work that comes with beautifying your landscape, opt for perennials and natives. These varieties grow and thrive with little or no maintenance. If your property is located in a warm or dry area, the right plants won’t require plenty of watering, too.

Make sure to select plants that bloom vibrant flowers and other colorful foliage to have additional eye-catching natural features on your landscape.

3.     Use mulch

Mulch is a must-have for commercial landscapes. It suppresses the growth of weeds and helps the soil and plants retain water and other nutrients.

Additionally, mulch adds color and that finishing touch to the lawn, thereby making it more attractive.

Because of the many benefits that mulch offers, see to it that mulch is applied regularly on your lawn. Replace or top-dress them frequently to help the plants grow and thrive better, and to enhance their appearance.

4.     Invest in a reliable irrigation system

All plants need water to thrive. Unless you employ a full-time gardener who can give all the foliage a good watering once or twice a week, you have to install a sprinkler system in your yard.

When purchasing an irrigation system, choose one that has different settings. This is because some plants require less water, while others need more. Your sprinkler should be able to accommodate these requirements to ensure all foliage gets the right amount of hydration. 

It is best to get help from landscape and lawn care pros in Mason, Ohio when purchasing and installing a sprinkler system. With their assistance, you will be able to choose one that will help your grass and other plants thrive regardless of the season, without the need for anyone to water them manually.

You will do away with all the guesswork that comes with hydrating all the plants in your landscape, too.

5.     Keep the hardscapes clean and in good condition

Outdoor hardscapes include walkways, water features, rock walls, drainage, curbs, and patios. These features look and stay the same any season, and are thus essential fixtures that boost the look and appeal of your property.

Many of these features have functional purposes as well, so it is crucial to keep them well-maintained.

Keeping pathways clear of debris, including fallen tree branches and leaves, should be a priority year-round. During winter, all sidewalks and walkways in and near your outdoor space should always be salted and cleared of ice or snow.

Doing so ensures your property looks great all year. Moreover, you will avoid legal issues from accidents caused by slips and trips on your poorly maintained walkways.

Additionally, do not forget the upkeep of the other hardscapes. Make sure the pond, birdbath, and other water features are always clean. They should also be drained before the water freezes come winter.

Lastly, check if there are gaps in the rock or retaining walls and prioritize fixing them.

6.     Maintain shrubs and trees

Shrubs and trees are key elements in commercial properties since they offer shade and privacy, as well as add beauty to the landscape. However, if they are not maintained, they won’t provide these benefits and can even become liabilities.

Bushes and trees require regular trimming and pruning to ensure they do not obstruct walkways or paths. This maintenance practice also helps prevent dead or decaying large branches from falling on people or properties, which can lead to costly and stressful legal issues.

Don’t forget to have the flower beds pruned as well to help them thrive and remain appealing elements of your lawn.

7.     Invest in seasonal lawn care

Lastly, aside from the regular maintenance tasks, you have to invest in professional lawn care services to keep your landscape attractive and interesting throughout the year.

These seasonal lawn and landscape maintenance requirements include cleanup, weeding, fertilizing, seeding, and aeration, which usually need to be done in the spring and summer. These tasks are best handled by professionals.

Keep in mind that how you maintain your outdoor space is a reflection of your professionalism and reliability as a property owner. If you want to attract more tenants, get help from time to time to improve and keep the condition of your landscape. 

The grounds surrounding your apartment can be a selling feature you can highlight when looking for tenants. Get the most out of this space by investing in the right landscaping and maintenance services.

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