Top reasons that may cause your home water damage claim getting denied

Water damage is among the most common property damage types in Fort Lauderdale. Many homeowners file water damage claims to their insurance companies. Yet not all of them receive a reasonable settlement for their incurred losses. Some are left to pay for the repairs from their own pockets. This happens because they have no public adjuster to defend their rights during the negotiations.

If you don’t hire a public adjuster to assess your water damage, the insurance company will. The difference between an independent public adjuster and an insurance public adjuster is that the latter doesn’t care about your best interest. On the contrary, the insurance public adjuster looks after the company’s best interest. They will underpay or deny your claim without a second thought.

How can I win a water damage claim in Fort Lauderdale?

Filing a water damage claim in Fort Lauderdale isn’t hard. You just contact your insurer, and they will send their insurance public adjuster. However, we’ve seen why that’s a bad idea. It’s unlikely that you’ll receive ample compensation for your losses. Hiring Merkury public adjusters in Fort Lauderdale would save you time and money. The public adjuster works only for you and defends your best interest. Which is to obtain the maximum settlement for your losses.

Whether it’s the damage assessment or the loss estimation, your public adjuster can help you. These proceedings are complex and confusing. It’s no wonder that many homeowners are underpaid. Insurance policies contain specialized terms that only a public adjuster understands. You can ask your public adjuster to clear up any confusion about the property claim proceedings. Regarding water damage, there’s a risk of mold occurring because of the high humidity. Your public adjuster knows how to assess this risk!

Reasons for a denied water damage claim

Fort Lauderdale insurance companies deny many water damage claims over the year. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Apologetic attitude from the policyholder. This shows your insurer that you take the blame for the damage.
  • Insufficient knowledge about property claims. The insurance property adjuster will use this against you.
  • Incomplete damage assessment by the insurance public adjuster
  • Devalued incurred losses

In short, 9/10 reasons for having your claim denied or underpaid revolve around the insurance public adjuster. Or your lack of knowledge. The public adjuster will invoke confusing regulations to take advantage of you. Hiring an independent public adjuster to safeguard your interest is the perfect choice when filing a water damage claim.

Does a public adjuster have upfront fees?

The reason you’re hiring a public adjuster is to get you money from the insurance company. It wouldn’t be helpful to pay the PA beforehand since it would strain you financially even more. Your damaged home is already a stressful factor. That's why all public adjusters take a percentage-based fee from the insurance settlement. This means you won't have to pay them at all. After they obtain reasonable compensation for your incurred losses, they’ll subtract their fee.

A public adjuster is your greatest asset when filing a property damage claim. The situation is similar to hiring a lawyer to defend you in a court of law. You may think you can defend yourself but you can’t. The other party is a fully-fledged expert who does that for a living. This applies both to lawyers and public adjusters. Your public adjuster is in the best position to assist you and file your water damage claim. If you don’t understand your rights, the public adjuster does.

There are countless public adjusters in Fort Lauderdale that can help you immediately, so don’t hesitate to call one!

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