6 Things to Freak Out The Germaphobe In You

Everyone thinks that their house is clean. After they have done the usual cleaning of the house like vacuuming, dusting, tidying up, washing the floors etc, we all think our house is in pristine condition. This is almost never the case simply because there are some areas of the house, they we do not give a good enough clean to. These are the areas where germs can manifest and spread throughout your house.

In this article we will look at the places where you can get the biggest gathering of germs.

Your mattress

This is a big one. Because it is one of the places that you lay down for a significant amount of time each day. Many people think that the sheets are the biggest place where germs can manifest but according to research it is your pillows and your mattress. All kinds of germs can get on them and stay there. Therefore, it is widely recommended that you change your mattress once every 8 or 9 years. They have a date in which they start to diminish in quality so when that time comes it would be a good idea to visit Sleepify to have a look at the wide range of mattresses that are available.

What you wash your dishes with

The ever-reliable dishcloth is high on the list. According to research the kitchen is one of the biggest areas for bacteria to form and your dishcloth is one of the worst things to attract bacteria into your kitchen. This is because it usually spends most of its time wet or damp and as we know that is the perfect environment for bacteria to gather.

Eating food that has been on the floor

Commonly known as the good old 5 second rule. You accidently drop some food on the floor and you quickly pick it up and eat it. Who has not done that? It is not the smartest idea as bacteria live and thrive on the floor and that is where your shoes and feet are constantly moving around and dropping dirt and other nasty things. Your carpet is another area that has lots of bacteria so if you do happen to drop food, think twice before picking it up and using or eating it again.

The TV remotes

Your TV remotes are the most touched things in your house. Everyone at some point during the day will be touching them. Before you eat and sometimes while you are eating, even if you are sick you will sanitise everything in your house but sometimes you will forget to sanitise the remote. Because a lot of people will be touching it at one point or another, there will be a large variety of germs that can be spread through touching the TV remote.

Where you have your toothbrush

Some people have a bathroom where the bathroom sink and your toilet and that can be problematic because of the bacteria called E.Coli. They are always in the process of gathering and with your toothbrush in the same room it is not ideal. That is why it is recommended that you continually change your toothbrush every 12 to 16 weeks.

Door Handles and light switches

When you give your house a good spring clean it is a great idea to clean all your door handles and light switches too. The bathroom handles and switches are the ones most susceptible to bacteria because of the constant traffic that they deal with. On top of that, like your toothbrush that is in the same room as your toilet, it can be vulnerable to faecal matter too, which is disgusting.

Even though there are numerous places where bacteria can thrive in our homes, our bodies usually have a strong immune system but even still, no one wants harmful bacteria around their home do they? Try and always make sure that you are regularly cleaning all the surfaces in your house to avoid getting sick from all the harmful bacteria.

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