How To Set Up Your Student Apartment

Moving into your apartment as you start your journey in college can be exciting. This is the time when you’ll pursue a degree for your chosen career, meet new friends, and become independent. Although adjusting to a new environment can be tough, all of the things you’ll experience as a college student can become your training to help you succeed come adulthood.

Being in college can be exciting, but before you go out to attend classes and meet new friends, it’s important to set up your student apartment first. You’ll be staying in your student apartment for at least four years, which is why you should make sure that the space is clean, comfortable, and conducive for learning.

After finding the perfect student apartment from reliable platforms, such as, follow the steps below to help you set up your student apartment:

  1. Clean The Room First

    Regardless if the previous tenant left days or weeks before, it’s vital that you thoroughly clean your student apartment the moment you arrive. Remember, you’ll be staying in your apartment every single day of your college life, and its cleanliness can significantly affect your health and safety.

    You can start by sweeping and mopping the floors, vacuuming the carpets (if there are any included in your apartment), and dusting the windows. Also, make sure to disinfect all of the surfaces, such as countertops, cabinet knobs, and the inside of the drawers, with appropriate cleaning products.

    Cleaning your student apartment will give you peace of mind, knowing that you’ll be sleeping and staying in an area that’s free of germs. You don’t want your student apartment to become the reason why you’ll get sick in the middle of the school year, right?
  1. Unpack And Organize Your Valuables

    You’ll be bringing a lot of things to your student apartment to help with your learning and ensure that you can live comfortably in your new residence. Regardless of your lifestyle and duration of stay, this can mean bringing several moving boxes to your student apartment.

    One of the first things you should do to set up your student apartment is to unpack and organize all of your valuables. You can start by folding your clothes, storing your winter clothes, or setting up your study area.

    When organizing your valuables, make sure that every item in your student apartment has its designated storage space. This will prevent clutter and ensure that your apartment stays clean for the longest time possible.

  1. Think About Your Furniture

    Another thing that you'll need to get settled into your apartment is your furniture. Since most student apartments are small, you’ll need to know which furniture items you’ll need to have, as well as which pieces of furniture are optional. Ideally, you should only have pieces of furniture that are essential, such as a bed, table, and a few chairs.

    When you’re figuring out what furniture you ought to include in your student apartment, don’t forget to think about the size of the furniture. Bringing anything that’s too big or bulky for your student apartment will make the space feel cramped, and might even prevent you from moving around.
  1. Hang Your Favorite Posters And Pictures

    Regardless of how exciting college life is, there’ll always be times when you’ll miss home. Nothing compares to waking up with your entire family and sharing meals with them.

    If you want to lessen feelings of homesickness, hang your favorite posters and pictures in your student apartment. Make sure that you’re doing this using some double-sided tapes, and not a hammer and nails as some student apartments might charge you for damaging their walls.

    Aside from making you feel more at home in your student apartment, seeing posters of your favorite band or pictures of your cute pet will surely boost your mood when you have a bad day at school. These visuals can even inspire you to excel in your classes and graduate with flying colors!
  1. Set Up Your Bed

    Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your student apartment. This is where you’ll relax after attending several classes in the day, and, in some cases, this is also where you’ll study. Besides, you’ll be very tired after moving in to your student apartment, which is why you should make sure that your bed is prepared on the very first night of your move.

    You can set up your bed by placing a mattress, putting on the linens, and, then, fluffing your pillows. Finish by covering your bed with a clean blanket.
  1. Decorate Carefully

    Student apartments are usually small, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it to spice up the space. On the contrary, there are actually many ways on how you can decorate your student apartment and make your space more interesting. Decorating your student apartment is important because how this space looks can affect your mood and interest to study.

    After covering the essentials, you can start decorating your student apartment by following these tips:

    • Add color to your space by using a colorful comforter: You don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate your student apartment. You just have to pay attention to the colors of pieces you’re using. Because of its size and function, using a colorful comforter will surely make your student apartment more unique.
    • Use multifunctional furniture: If your student apartment is small, invest in multifunctional furniture to make your space useful and appealing. Instead of using a sofa, you can use an ottoman in your student apartment.
    • Make sure that there’s enough light: When decorating your student apartment, pay attention as to where your windows are. Make sure that these aren’t blocked as natural light can make your student apartment look bigger and more open. Natural light can also boost your productivity and improve your mental focus, so it would be best if you place your study area near an open window.

It’s Easy When You Know How

Contrary to popular belief, setting up your student apartment isn’t taxing. In fact, this task can even become fun, as long as you know what to do and not to do.

If you’re about to move to your student apartment soon, take note and follow the tips presented in this article. You won’t have any problems turning your student apartment into a comfortable and relaxing space if you’re properly guided on the task at hand.

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