A comprehensive home water damage assessment methodology

Water damage endangers your family’s life and leads to substantial repair expenses. Obtaining compensation from your insurer is of immense help when you want to overcome this situation. Furthermore, public adjusters are your best allies when filing water damage claims. They know more about claims proceedings than you do, and they can assess your damage in great detail. Regardless of the severity or extent of the water damage, a public adjuster can accurately evaluate the incurred damage.

The loss estimation procedure is essential in building a successful water damage claim. If you haven't calculated your potential repair expenses, what settlement will you demand from your insurer? A public adjuster is trained to assess the damage and estimate water damage losses professionally. Without one, you won’t know what to expect from your insurer. They’ll underpay the claim without you even noticing. Even if you’ve already paid for the repairs, if you can’t prove your expenses, the insurance company won’t cover them in full.

What does water damage entail?

Water damage can refer to a broken pipe, a flooding toilet or washing machine, and more similar events. Even a rainstorm or a hailstorm can lead to severe water damage. It’s essential to know that unmitigated water damage leads to mold infestations. Mold is hazardous and a threat to your family's safety. Damp environments are the perfect spawning ground for molds. A public adjuster would encourage you to mitigate your water damage in the first 24 hours after observing it.

A hurricane leads to massive water damage to homes in Fort Lauderdale. The chaotic nature of storms means your home receives unexpected damage that you may not be aware of. Your roof might be leaking, and you aren't aware of that. Water may be pooling in your attic or seeping in the walls, and you may not know that. Ignoring this possibility may lead to a severe mold infestation in the following months. Hiring a public adjuster to investigate your home from the ground up is the ideal solution! Click here to read more about the benefits of hiring a water damage public adjuster.

Comprehensive damage assessment methodology

Public adjusters don't just assess your property damage erratically. They follow a predefined methodology that ensures efficiency and meticulousness. Public adjusters are so good at doing their jobs simply because they're professional. With expert knowledge and vast experience in filing the water damage claim, they can't fail in obtaining a settlement for you. Instead, they'll fight for your best interest and obtain maximum compensation for your losses.

Your best interest is their best interest since they don’t get paid unless you do. When you obtain the insurance settlement, the public adjuster will take a percentage-based fee from it. One thing to note is that regardless of the public adjuster’s fee, the remaining money will be enough to cover all your repair expenses. If the insurance settlement is substantial enough, that is. Though, independent public adjusters manage to obtain maximum settlements in 9/10 cases.

Fort Lauderdale homeowners are often worried about the honesty and transparency of independent public adjusters. Aren’t they working for the insurance company who’s trying to rip you off? This confusion relies on the miscomprehension between insurance public adjusters and independent public adjusters. The insurance public adjuster works for the insurance company, but an independent public adjuster works only for you.

Their best interest is to get you more money so that they can get a higher fee. Independent public adjusters work for whoever hires them. If you hire a public adjuster to file a water damage claim, the public adjuster will do just that. With professionalism, meticulousness, and efficiency, public adjusters file numerous water damage claims for homeowners in Fort Lauderdale!

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