Step by Step: How to Make Your Apartment Rent-Ready

If you want to rent out your home long term, you should first increase the value of your home so that potential tenants have a positive first impression and the rental process goes smoothly.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your property rent-ready:

Think about the market

The first thing you want to think about is who your prospective renters are. Maybe you live in a student city, and if so, you want to make sure your property is suitable for the market. Your home may be ideal for families if you have multiple bedrooms. 

Once you’ve decided on your target tenants, you can prepare your home accordingly, buy new appliances, and change the atmosphere to fit.

Do a home inspection

Most tenants will want proof that your house is free of any faults and troubles that may arise during their stay. The best way to ensure transparency is to get a home inspection.

By doing a home inspection, you will also make sure that everything from the electrical to the plumbing is working properly. This will also save you money long-term because you won’t be stuck with bills to pay if the tenants run into problems. 

Clean up

Before an apartment viewing, make sure that your house is clean. You want to leave a good first impression and showcase the potential of your home. A good tip is to remove all personalized decor before your prospective tenants come because a decluttered home will be more appealing.

Make sure your home smells good too, because bad odors can deter tenants. Before the viewing, open the windows and use an air freshener.

Paint walls

Fresh and clean walls can completely rejuvenate the home. You don’t want your tenants to notice chipped paint or dirty walls first thing when they walk in and ruin a good first impression. Even if the rest of your home is in perfect condition, a bad paint job won’t go unnoticed.

Painting the walls is a small investment considering the difference it makes. You can hire professionals who can finish the job for you, including preparing your home and making sure everything is clean after the job is finished. If you’re located in Alberta, we recommend looking into this company for interior painting in Calgary, which will help you recapture the beauty of your home with their service. 

Upgrade appliances 

If you want your home to stand out, offer your tenants an extra incentive to rent from you by upgrading your appliances. If you can, upgrade bigger items like a new oven or buy smaller, more useful items like a juicer or a blender. This will make your home more appealing.

Add furniture and simple decoration

When you decide on your target tenants, adjust your home accordingly. Maybe it’s wise for you to buy a new bed or add an extra stool or two to increase the likelihood of renting. It’s an easy way to freshen up your home.

Update the flooring

If you haven’t changed the flooring in your home since you bought the property, now might be a good time to do so. Spots with the most traffic, like the kitchen and living room, can look worn out after a couple of years. Upgrade your flooring to a modern design. You can choose any design that fits your budget. It doesn’t matter if you choose vinyl, hardwood, or tiles; they will add value to your home.

Clean the yard 

Don’t clean up only on the inside when preparing your home. If you have a lawn, make sure it’s trimmed before your tenants come. Clean up any trash and rake leaves. Leaving a clean garden sets an expectation that your tenants will have to upkeep it properly and sets a high standard.

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