7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

Updating the look and feel of your home doesn't have to be costly or involve a huge remodel. Here are some budget friendly ways to freshen up your home without breaking the bank.

Fresh Lick of Paint

The easiest way to freshen up your home is to paint the walls. This is budget friendly and can be done yourself if you have a roller and a paint brush. Painting a room with a new, different color is a great way of giving it a whole new feel. You could even do one wall in a statement color and make a feature of it. Or paint the whole house in white and start with a blank canvas that you can easily accessorize. While you have the paints out, you could even buy a stencil online and add a painted pattern to a feature wall.

Get a Rug

If you can’t afford new carpets or expensive hardwood flooring, then to save on renovations, get a rug or two instead. By adding a new rug to a room, you can instantly update it, and add warmth and depth to a room. You can change the color scheme and add texture to the room too.

New Throw Pillows

This is another easy way to change or update a color scheme. You don’t need to get new couches, just new throw pillows. You can vary the tones and textures of them for an instant home makeover. They are so budget friendly that you can even mix them up throughout the year. Get new colored cushions for fall and winter, then change up the color scheme again throughout spring and summer.

Add Greenery

New house plants can dramatically improve the feel of a place, as well as bring health benefits for your family. Get low maintenance plants to start with so that you are more likely to keep them alive. They add instant color and interest to a gloomy corner of a room. Put smaller ones on window ledges or shelves and get larger ones, or ones in a larger planter, for different areas of the room. Adding a house plant to an entryway can instantly refresh your home and give it a welcoming feel to come home to.

Change Your Kitchen Door Handles

If you don’t want the costly expense of installing a whole new kitchen, a much more budget friendly option is just replacing the door handles on all your kitchen cupboards. Think about what style you want to go for, e.g., modern, classic, contemporary, and your cupboard handles can reflect this. You can also choose between chrome or brass. This change can update the whole feel of the kitchen.

Add Some Wall Art

Buying art doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be relatively cheap. You can even buy printable art online that you can print yourself at home which is very budget friendly. By doing this you can easily update your walls with new art. You could even get the kids involved. Get the paints and coloring pens out and let them create some artwork for the home on canvases or paper. This is a great idea for a playroom or a family room.

Rearrange Furniture

Possibly the cheapest way to freshen up your home is to just rearrange the current furniture that you already have. This will update the feel and function of your home. It may seem too easy, but by simply moving your couch in your living room, or rearranging the furniture in the family room, you can switch up and improve a room’s layout very quickly. The great thing about this is that you can do it again in six months’ time to refresh your home again.

As you can see, there are some great ways you can freshen up your home on a budget. You don’t even have to implement all of these ideas; just doing one or two can give your home the update that it needs.

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