How to Prepare for a House Cleaning Service in Cheras

When you are getting ready to have a home cleaning service come to your house in Cheras, there are some things that you can do to prepare. This will help make the process go more smoothly and ensure that your home is clean when they leave. Here are four tips for preparing for a home cleaning service in Cheras.

Clean Off the Counters

The first thing you’ll want to do is clear off any counters or surfaces that you don’t want the cleaners to touch. This includes putting away any dishes that may be in the sink or on the countertops. It’s also a good idea to clear off any countertop appliances such as toasters, blenders, etc. that you don’t want moved.

To make things easier on the cleaners (and to avoid having them move things around that you don’t want moved), it’s a good idea to put anything that you want left out on the counter in one area. This way, they will know where everything is and won’t have to search for things.

Put away valuables and important documents

Your home cleaning service will likely be using strong cleaning products and chemicals. Because of this, you’ll want to put away any valuables or important documents that you don’t want damaged. This includes things like jewelry, photo albums, and important papers.

It’s also a good idea to put away any small items that could easily be misplaced. This includes things like remote controls, keys, and small electronics.

To make things easier, you can create a designated “safe spot” for the cleaners to put any small items that they find. This could be a basket or box that you leave out in a visible spot.

Keep the kids safe and occupied

Before the cleaners arrive, you’ll want to make sure that your kids are safe and occupied. This is because cleaners will be using strong chemicals and cleaning in all areas of your home, including rooms where your kids play.

There are a few different ways you can do this. You can either have a friend or family member watch your kids for the day, put them in a daycare program, or keep them occupied in another room of the house with toys and activities.

Pick up the clutters or household items that may be getting the way

To make the cleaning process go more smoothly, you’ll want to pick up any household items that may be getting in the way.

For example, if you have a lot of clutter on the floor, you can put it in a box or bin out of the way. Or, if there are certain pieces of furniture that you don’t want the cleaners to move, you can put them in another room. This will help the cleaners clean more efficiently and prevent them from accidentally damaging any of your belongings.

Communicate with Cleaning Service Provider

Before the cleaners starts cleaning your home, it’s important to communicate with them about your expectations. For example, you may want to specify which rooms you want cleaned or what type of cleaning you would like done. This will help the cleaners know exactly what you want and avoid any confusion.

If you hire a professional cleaning specialist from Cheras, they will be accommodate to your requests and will work with you to ensure that your home is clean and clutter-free.


As long as you take the time to prepare for their arrival, having a home cleaning service come to your house in Cheras can be a breeze. This is especially true if you follow the tips above. By doing so, you can rest assured knowing that your home will be in good hands and that it will be clean when they leave. This will give you more time to relax and enjoy your free time without having to worry about cleaning.

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