5 DIY Ways to Decorate Your House

So you want to breathe new life into your home and your space, but you don’t know how. But you do know that you want to do it yourself and also that you don’t want to spend more money than you have to. Thankfully you don’t need to call on an interior designer or become one yourself in order to decorate your house and breathe new life into the space. All you have to do is read this article!

Rearrange and Repaint

Before you go knocking down walls and throwing away that one piece of furniture you’ve always hated, consider an easier and softer touch. People underestimate what they can do with just some simple actions, and simply moving your furniture around and changing up the room can be enough to make the home feel new and exciting.

It’s a good short term solution that can go with our next bit: Repainting the house. Repainting can also breathe new life into a room or your entire home, and it doesn’t take any special DIY skill. All you need to be able to do is paint and cover up the areas you don’t want to be painted because it will get everywhere! 

Even covering some older outdated items with a white coat of paint is enough, and then you can place them around the room and they will look like new!

Frame Some Pictures

In today’s world, we all have our pictures on our phones and other devices, and while that is great it also stops us from having our pictures printed out and framed like they used to be! Taking some old family photos or your favorite motivational quote and printing them out can be very easy to do, and then you can easily make frames.

You just need some 6mm plywood and a few other supplies, and you can easily create all the frames you want, or simply paste the pictures on the wood in order to create the illusion of the frame. Then hang them up and you will be good to go.

Add Some Life

Take all those old jars and fill them with flowers, go to the store and pick up a few potted plants, or just open a window and let the natural light fill your home. Adding some living colours and life to your room can make you feel happier and can give you something to take care of as well. Use the flowers as centerpieces for your next big dinner or as accents for your shelves, and you’ll find that your home looks perfectly decorated, and it will smell better too!


Another easy way that actually does more for decoration than you might think. If you have a room that is dirty, or just a room that is filled with some clutter that doesn’t need to be there and instead needs to be organized and placed in storage, try to clean it up. Cleaning up can make a room look cleaner and you might want to spend more time it in. Plus, the now clean room can be a template for you to make other changes.

Rotate Pillows, Rugs, And Other Items From Room To Room

Finally, you might have a few bedrooms in your home, bathrooms, or other areas where pillows and rugs, and other accessories can be found. Try swapping them out for one another! Place the pillows that go onto your bed onto your couch and vice versa. Place the rug that goes into your hallway in the living room and your living room rug in the hall. Move the bedroom painting to your hallway wall.

It might seem like the simplest thing that you can do for your rooms but with some DIYing and a little style for what goes where you can make some big changes for not a lot of effort! 

Make DIYing Easy

DIY doesn’t always doesn’t need to be you experimenting with how to knock down a wall or fiddling with how to make your fridge stop running. Instead, it can be simply repainting, rearranging, adding, and moving items from one room to another. It seems too easy, but you will be surprised to see exactly how new those little actions make your room feel!

Only after you’ve done these small things, can you focus on the bigger changes that might require a little more DIY know-how and effort. But by then you will be prepared to tackle them!

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