Feature-Rich Mobile Applications for Real Estate: Options and Benefits

There is no need to start tackling the topic of mobile application significance. We see people surf the net using their mobile devices in a bus, on the streets, in offices, and parks. Basically, everywhere! There is nothing you don't know. The world statistics on mobile usage are skyrocketing. But the importance of creating mobile applications for different businesses comes from more than just the frequency of use. It may influence other things:

  • becomes an extra way of brand building
  • involves current and generates new prospects
  • can serve as a native marketing tool
  • has some entertainment features
  • automates various processes

When it comes to choosing an application for your business, you face the choice between two options: a separate and independent application or a web application that is interconnected with a website. However, it does not actually matter which one you choose as long as it possesses the main features.

Why develop a mobile application for real estate?

Speaking about the real estate market, we can't help but mention that a top-notch mobile application for a real estate company, realtor, broker, or development firm is a great way to excel in the market and win the competition. You will definitely create a better picture of yourself in the eyes of potential buyers. Moreover, there are multiple ways of automating your business processes. The app you make can have numerous features to enable a range of functions, from digital master planning to virtual reality tours. Use interactive masterplam app VisEngine.

What features have to be considered?

#1 VR tours

We would start with the most important feature to include. There is no need to tell you that end-users are fond of some cool features. A virtual tour is an advantageous perk to possess and impress your prospects. With its help, you take end-users on a real tour around the property you sell. It saves time for people. They walk around their potential home without even leaving their chair or sofa, check and experience all its peculiarities, see the street view, infrastructure, entertainment places, etc. In most cases, when you hire professional videographers and photographers to create your VR tours with high-quality videos and photos and reliable software partners to provide high-tech solutions, your app will already give answers to many questions people may have long before visiting the premise in person. As you can see, it saves time not only for your customers but also for you personally.

#2 Categories and filters

The mobile application you create for real estate should have smart architecture and UX/UI design to provide everyone with a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate solution. The user experience will be really positive when they can easily sort all property options available. Please, don't make them scroll through hundreds of options! The best way to get it done is to put yourself in your customers' shoes. Think of as many filter variants as possible, rigorously divide your property into categories and help them narrow their search down. The easier it is for your end-users to find the home of their dreams, the more benefit you get in return. You will surely have positive reviews and be associated with the best-organized real estate application.

#3 Shortlisting

Real estate shopping is significantly different from any other type of purchase made. It requires a lot of consideration. People do not just add an item to a basket, submit an order and pay online. This purchase process is longer, involving a lot of thinking, weighing up all pros and cons, and comparing one variant to another. With the shortlisting feature, your customers can easily take some time to think and come back to their bookmarks when they make a final decision. Of course, shortlisting goes hand-in-hand with previous features, as without categories and filters, it does not make any sense. Consider this as well!

#4 Calculator

The easy-to-use calculator is essential! Real estate evaluation is rigorous and includes a lot of things like taxes, fees, interest rates, payment plans, and the like. Calculating everything yourself can definitely get challenging or even frustrating. If you include this feature in your app, your customers will likely choose your company over others, as a user-friendly real estate calculator looks really appealing.

#5 Maps

Location is a must. Probably, we don't even need to include this feature in our list but just in case. Nevertheless, when your app comprises such a feature as maps, you can, for example, add some extra ones to it. Neighborhood, facilities, directions, public transport system, closest shops, cafes, etc. End-users will definitely pay attention to location and surrounding when making up their minds.

#6 Analytics

When speaking about this feature, it differs from previous ones as it aims at simplifying life for you. Data is powerful, and having data about your potential customers and end-users is crucial. You collect information about what people usually choose, their interests and preferable options, and what their budgets are. When you consider all this data, you are able to satisfy their needs better. Basically, you may craft your options to improve them and give people exactly what they are looking for.

Should you get a digital master planning application?

Some people consider such applications too sophisticated. But let us tell you what opportunities it provides:

  • seeing the area from different perspectives and angles
  • sorting out all property units
  • zooming in and out
  • viewing the property from the street
  • seeing available options
  • VR tours
  • establishing integration with social media
  • booking a preferable apartment
  • reading general information in an interactive way.

In other words, such apps include all the crucial features we have discussed above and even more. So, duh! Investing in such applications is for sure beneficial for you.

Wrapping up

Any real estate business requires a responsive website, a powerful brand image, and a mobile application. These things drive your sales, attract more customers and boost your current and future projects. When entering digital space, you cannot go far without an app. Feature-rich, easy-to-use, and modern mobile application is a door to high ROI, popularity, and recognition among clients.

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