Renter Friendly Home Decor Updates

As a renter it can be hard to make your house feel like a home, as you’re restricted on what décor and design choices you can make around the property.

But there are still changes that renters can make without putting their security deposit at risk, so we spoke to the décor experts at DotcomBlinds to find out some renter friendly décor changes you can make, so keep on reading if you wish to discover some renter friendly décor updates you can make in your rental home.

Add ‘No-Screw’ Blinds To Un-Shaded Windows

When you’re renting a property a big thing to consider when adding your own décor touches is whether or not it’ll leave a mark. When you leave to move to your next home, you don’t want charges from a landlord to fill in holes and cover up scuffs, so décor pieces that require no screws or drilling are a must.

One simple ‘no screw, no drill’ décor piece you can freely add to your rental home, is Click-Fit blinds. These blinds are usually used for patio doors and simply click into the window frame rather than attaching to the wall, so you can add shade to your windows without leaving a mark on the property.

Use Removable Decal Tiles To Create A Splashback

A good backsplash can really improve the look of almost any kitchen, creating a nice contrasting look against the rest of your kitchen’s décor. But unfortunately, installing a real tilled splashback is a no go for renters as landlords don’t like tenants making changes like adding tiles to walls.

But you can still get a splashback look in your rental accommodation, by using easy to remove stick on decals. These decals will allow you to re-create the look of a splashback in your kitchen area, then when it’s time to move, all you need to do is peel the decal away.

Hang Art On Walls With Renter Friendly Command™ Strips

Empty walls can leave a rental accommodation not really feeling like ‘home’, while some people like the minimalist look, having every wall in your home be barren can create a sterile feeling that doesn’t allow you to get too comfortable, ever reminding you that while you live here, it’s not really your home.

Luckily, there’s an elegant solution for hanging pictures on your walls without committing the cardinal sin of putting nails into a rental’s walls. By using stick on picture hangers like Commandstrips that don’t leave marks when removed, you can hang pictures up in your home without leaving a mark and when you’re ready to move, you simply pull the strips off.

Introduce Houseplants Into Your Home For A Touch Of Nature

In a rental where you can’t fix your décor items to the walls or ceilings, you should look for décor items that can stand by themselves and be used in different spaces around the home. Houseplants are a great ‘go-anywhere’ décor item and you can add life to your rental accommodation by adding a scattering of happy houseplants.

Simply identify spaces where you could place houseplants around your home, good spaces include the floor, on any existing shelves, on worktop surfaces or on top of furniture with flat surfaces like TV units and coffee tables. A few plants carefully placed will create a great nature friendly look to your home and add a touch of life to your rental space.

Add Your Own Soft Furnishings To The Home

Finally, you can add comfort and cosy feels into your rental home with no need to worry about loosing out on your deposit. Most soft furnishings can simply be put into place and look excellent, creating a cosy and welcoming space in the process.

By simply adding a couple of soft furnishings around your home, you can curate a welcoming space. A few examples would be: adding a throw to your sofa, using scatter cushions around a room’ adding extra blankets around your bed, or even just placing down a rug or tow around the property.

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