Here Are 6 Villages In New York To Buy A Vacation Home

A vacation is helpful, whether to unwind after a demanding workweek or to escape reality momentarily. And purchasing a vacation home is a fantastic opportunity to reduce housing costs and provide oneself with a second home in one's preferred vacation destination.

After being in a slump for almost two years, the vacation rental business is on the rise again. Like everywhere else in the US, places like upstate New York have dramatically changed since the pandemic.

The small village has long been a favorite destination for city-dwellers seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle. In recent years, however, the village has become increasingly popular as a second home for city dwellers seeking an escape from the grind. Here are six villages in New York to buy a vacation home.

How To Choose A Village Home

  • Pick The Property Carefully: You should know why you want a second home before you start looking. Finding this out will help direct your search. For example, the NAR reports show that 80-90 percent of people who bought second homes intended to use them primarily as a place for family vacations. If having a place for the whole family to get together and relax is essential, the property should be in a convenient area for everyone and has something to do for people of all ages.
  • Affordability: A vacation home is a luxury plan that not everyone can afford. Consider your income and financial resources and decide if you can afford a vacation home. When deciding on a vacation site, try to be as practical as possible by asking how much it cost and ensuring you have the money to cover it.

    Because as a standard requirement, you must put down at least 20% of the purchase price. Since the price of a vacation home can vary greatly depending on its location, and a 20% down payment might be substantial, it's a good idea to evaluate your financial situation before purchasing a second home.
  • Fits Your Lifestyle: If you feel more at home in a cute little cottage than in a luxury high-rise condo with multiple units, you should focus your search on the real estate types most suitable to your preferences.
  • Know Your Expenses: Learn the cost of second house ownership, including taxes, insurance, and other fees. Even when empty, you pay for water, gas, electricity, garbage removal, landscaping, and other maintenance. Insufficient funds can destroy a perfect vacation property. 

6 Best Villages In New York To Buy A Home