How You Can Make Relocating Easier By Utilizing a Moving Checklist

Moving to a new home can bring on new beginnings and better circumstances.

But for those that have done it before, or Heaven forbid, several times, understand how grueling a process it can be both mentally and physically. There are so many elements and considerations and nuances that go into a relocation that truly makes it a difficult process.

But maybe it can be done with greater ease and convenience. Like anything, moving goes a lot smoother when you plan. One of the best tools you can use to plan your relocation is a moving checklist. Incorporating a moving checklist into the relocation process will make sure nothing is left unaccounted for and you don’t spend more money than what is required.

What should be on a Moving Checklist

When you’re creating a moving checklist, you should separate your items into categories. For instance, there will be things you’ll need to address before your move, during your move and after the move. Try to separate them into those 3 categories. This will help you prioritize on which considerations you address first. Let’s start with our pre-move considerations.

Your Pre-Move Considerations

First and foremost, as you start to create a plan and strategy for your relocation, you’ll want to set a budget. Consider all the questions you’ll need to ask yourself when you determine your budget. Ask questions like:

  • How will the distance travelled in my relocation effect the costs?
  • What time of year is cheaper to move?
  • Should I bring my furniture or sell it off and start anew?
  • Do I have time to manage this process or should I hire a moving service?

Another example of an item you’d need to complete before your move would be to change your address on legal documents and transferring utilities and services to the new address.

One of your final pre-move task would be to declutter your home. You simply can’t take all the belongings in your home and the one great thing about relocating is that it affords you the opportunity to get rid of some of the clutter in your home. You may not have a lot of time to run your clutter to the local landfill so it may behoove you to rent a dumpster to quicken the process.

Tasks During the Move

In the actual process of the relocation, you’ll tend to be overwhelmed and possibly physically drained. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and utilize your checklist.

For starters, make sure you designate responsibilities to whomever will be helping. If the relocation will be a family affair, perhaps you’ll need the brother-in-law to assemble the furniture that will be brought in or you’ll designate your parents to get lunch and coffees for all the helpers. Certainly, one of the members of the new household will need to instruct helpers and movers on where to take boxes and the contents of the boxes.

Another consideration you will want to add to your checklist is a loading strategy. To specify, if you’re loading the moving van yourselves, place the items that will be going into the van first at the front of your garage to make loading easier.

Your Post-Move Tasks

Just when you think you’re done; this bear of a process pulls you back in. You’re not done yet! Make sure your checklist has all the tasks you’ll need to complete.

Especially considering the events of 2020, you’ll want to give your new home an entire deep clean. Sanitize the house from top to bottom. In some cases, you’ll also need to declutter your new home if the previous owners left any of their belongings you have no use for.

Lastly, go explore your new neighborhood and community. Go meet the neighbors and discover where the grocery stores, gas stations and banks are located around town. Ask your new neighbors some of the better restaurants in town to dine at.

Including all these considerations and tasks on your moving checklist will ensure that your pending move is a successful one. Categorize and prioritize what needs to be done in sequential order and celebrate when you’ve marked off everything on the checklist as the move will be done and you’ll be in your new home! Happy new beginnings!

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