Types Of Utility And Laundry Room Sink Faucet

Most don’t bother much to know the types of utility faucets. However, homeowners know that it is essential to know the types of utility and laundry room faucets for purchasing the best one.

After learning some common types, it will be very easy for you to choose the best utility sink faucet for your home. So, here we are going to distinguish some types of utility sink faucets based on some common categories.

Based On Mounting Locations

When you are going to set a utility faucet in your laundry room, firstly you have to consider the mounting locations to determine the types of faucet. Because, based on mounting locations, types of utility faucet split into two categories –

  • Deck mounted utility faucets
  • Wall-mounted utility faucets

Let’s see why they are important to consider while purchasing.

Deck Mounted Utility Faucets

This is the most common type of faucet that we use regularly. These faucets are generally mounted on sink decks.

You can either use deck plates or mount it directly on the sink. But you need to match the faucet hole with the sink deck holes to install it correctly.

Because there are four kinds of hole layout to install the deck-mounted faucet. Single hole, double hole, three hole or four hole, whichever it is, it must be matched with the faucet hole requirement. So, check the hole configuration before installing the faucet.

Wall-Mounted Utility Faucets

This is not a regular faucet that you will see in the laundry rooms. You can mount this utility faucet on the wall. You just need to follow some wall installation setup to mount it. But the problem is that, you will need to do a lot of work when you need to remove this type of faucets.

Based on stream pattern

The types of utility faucets can be distinguished based on its stream pattern. There are many types of stream patterns found on a utility faucet. The most common types are –

  • Spray stream faucet
  • Rain Spray stream faucet
  • Aerated stream faucet

Spray Stream Faucet

This type of utility faucet provides the water stream like a spray pattern. This spray pattern covers your full hands while washing. This spray patterned faucet mostly used in public places.

Rain Spray Stream Faucet

Rain spray faucet mainly comes with little nozzles that create powerful forces of water like rain. You can use it in your laundry room for cleaning large dishes or other big ones.

Aerated Stream Faucet

This stream usually is non-splashing and often used for residential purposes. It is soft and slow.

Based On Different Handles

Utility faucets come with three different handles –

  • Cross handle utility faucet
  • Knob utility faucet
  • Lever handle utility faucet

Here are some details about these types of handles –

Cross Handle Utility Faucet

Many Laundry and utility sink faucets are designed by two cross handles. Mostly, these handles control different temperatures of water. But day by day, this type of faucet losing is its demand.

Knob Utility Faucet

Utility faucets also come with various types of knob styles. Mainly you will find double knob faucets available in the market. This double knob works like a cross handle for the same purpose.

Lever Handle Utility Faucet

This is the most popular and good-looking utility faucet. This faucet has an effective lever function and you can use this faucet conveniently for your regular home usage.

Based On The Type Of Valves

You can find utility faucets with three types of valves. They are –

  • Compression valve faucet
  • Cartridge valve faucet
  • Ball valve faucet

Here are some details about these -

Compression Valve Faucet

These valves are cheap and easy to use. The compression valve faucets are made by a screw stem that controls the water flow. To prevent water leaking, this valve uses rubber or plastic washers.

Cartridge Valve Faucet

Even though it’s a little expensive it is very popular among buyers. It’s also called washer-less faucet because it’s doesn’t have any washer system to control the water flow.

Ball Valve Faucet

This valve system gives you the most stylish look. Ball valve faucet made with a steel ball that lines up with the cold and hot water inlets. You will just need to rotate the ball to open or close the different temperatures of water.

Final Words

So, here are some types of utility and laundry room sink faucets we explained. When you go for buying a utility faucet, keep in mind these types and categories.

Hopefully, this article will help you to find the best utility sink faucet.

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