AC Installation for Apartments and Condos with Rooftop HVAC Units

Most commercial HVAC units are on the roofs of many businesses, but if you have an apartment or condo for yourself, you too can benefit from this method of heating and cooling. There are some things you should know about HVAC units though, and in this guide we’ll tell you all about it (okay, well the most important stuff. All of the information would take much more than we can fit here!)

Can You Benefit from using Rooftop Units?

One of the main reasons that commercial rooftop HVAC units are installed on the roofs is because of their size. They’re much larger than the standard central air and heating system. Not only that, but most of the amount of reasons is because most of the unit and ductwork is actually on the roof, but they are a lot more powerful than regular residential central air units too.

What Types of Things can I Benefit from Having a Rooftop Unit?

You don’t have to hear as much noise from a rooftop unit, as they’re often quieter and most people don’t even realize they’re up there on the roof. Other than that, you have more secure walls and features on rooftop units than you do for your basic covered residential unit.

Because of this, you have less dirt and dust, because more dust actually settles on the ground and at lower altitudes than it does on a rooftop. Because everything is conveniently located in one spot, you can also ensure that it’s easier to maintain and work on since you don’t have numerous systems throughout the entire building.

The Biggest Kicker

Rooftop units are ten times more energy efficient (actually probably more than that) than a residential unit of any type. That alone means that while you may pay a hefty amount out of pocket to initially purchase the unit, your savings will be extremely higher and the unit will pay for itself in a shorter amount of time.

Things to Consider when Buying Your Rooftop HVAC Unit

You need to know what type of unit you’re going to utilize. Many units can be operated with gas, or electricity only. The energy efficiency (SEERS rating) is also extremely important. The higher the rating, the better the product, no matter what the price tag is. You need to find out how long that unit lasts on average, as some only last so many years before needing upgraded. There are other things of course, like how large your condo or apartment building is, where it’s located (you still have to be considerate with licensing codes and regulations), etc.


The best way to heat or cool your apartment building will generally be to install a rooftop unit for numerous reasons. When you are trying to find the right HVAC contractor, look at numerous things like their licensing information as well as their insurance (you can check out here for our favorite contractor - Book Online). Most importantly, the right contractor for the job will have years of experience, and probably either balanced experience working with residential homes and commercial, or just be a primarily commercial-based HVAC contractor.

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