Home Insulation: What You Need To Know

Home insulation has become one of the biggest improvements in recent times. Insulation4US noted that home insulation can help property owners improve the value of their home while also better managing their energy consumption whether in the cold winter season or in the hot summer weather. Home insulation offers a lot of benefits to homeowners as it helps them reduce energy bills by conserving heat on cold winter days and cool air on warm summer days, keeping the indoor space and the temperature at the desired level.

While home installation has become a necessity for most homeowners, several people are scared of going forward with the idea based on some of the myths they have heard or read. 

Below Are Some Of The Common Insulation Myths You Should Disregard Today.

1. Insulation Is Best Only For The Winter Weather

There are several homeowners who have been discouraged from making the decision to install insulation in their home, based on this common myth. While insulation is perfect for the winter weather, helping you keep the indoor heat from escaping and also ensuring that you cut back on your energy consumption, these advantages can also be replicated in hot summer weather when the air conditioning unit kicks in. Home insulation will help you maintain the optimal indoor temperature both on a hot sunny day and on cold winter nights. When properly installed, you can also enjoy as high as 30 percent energy saving, which will overall save you cost on energy bills at the end of each month. Truth: Insulation is both good for hot summer days and cold winter months.

2. Insulation Is Only For The Newly Built Homes

This is untrue. Insulation can be installed in all types of homes, whether new or old. It is important to reach out to insulation installation experts in order to discuss your home insulation needs and have them take care of the need, ensuring that there is no temperature exchange or heat escape from the indoor area to the outdoors and vice versa. Working with a professional insulation installation company can also expose you to the various insulation options available for you to choose from.

3. Insulation Only Saves Energy

While one of the most appealing reasons why many homeowners are choosing insulation installation for their homes is because it promises to be energy-efficient, helping them cut down on their monthly electricity bills, this is not the only advantage offered by insulation installation. Aside from being energy-efficient, insulation installation also offers soundproofing qualities to the home, helping you shut out the hustle and bustle of the outside and keeping you relaxed in your indoor space. If you love to party hard, you can also enjoy the benefits of soundproofing as it helps you better manage the noise emanating from loud music.

Having cleared up some of the most common myths regarding insulation installation in the home, below are some of the benefits you stand to gain from having a professional like Insulation4US handle your insulation installation needs.

-         Lower Energy Bills

A properly insulated and air sealed home will generate one of the biggest drops in energy use in your home. Most homeowners have come to find that they spend about 30% less on heating or cooling their homes after insulation installation.

-         Increased Comfort

A poorly insulated home, take, for example, a crawl space, will result in a cold home on winter days. Nothing may be more annoying than cold floors on cold winter nights. A better way to deal with this challenge is to have your home insulated. An insulated home increases the chances of enjoying warmth all over the home.

-         Conquer The Battle Against Ice Dams And Icicles

Icicles appear fun to look at from afar but can be damaging to the home, causing water to pool in areas and over time leading to rot or worse still, mold. To deal with issues like icicles, protect your gutters, attic, and roof, insulating your home may be the best chance you have. Through insulation, you can fill up all the air pockets in the roof and attic, preventing water leakage into the area and also preventing against common problems like rot, mold growth and more.

-         Contribute To The Environment

 Houses and cars contribute to the largest percentage of domestic fossil fuel use. With the increasing awareness of eco-friendly practices, insulating your home may just be one of the ways you can contribute to less pollution and a better environment. With insulation, you can potentially cut down a percentage of your fossil fuel use without having to significantly modify your lifestyle to reflect this.

-         Noise Reduction

Home insulation also has the benefit of being a soundproofing agent, thus helping you keep the noise from the outside world out and creating a cinematic experience for your comfort and relaxation indoors.

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