Painters in Gold Coast QLD

Painting is something that everyone has had to do at least once in their life, especially if they’re a homeowner or business owner. What matters the most though if you’re in the Gold Coast Queensland area, you’ll want to find the best painter with the highest quality paint job so you won’t actually have to do it again later. In this guide, we’re offering one of the most excellent companies we found, but first we’ll tell you how to get the right painter for your paint job!

Are There Certain Things to Look For?

Absolutely! You need to know that your painter is going to more than likely be a contractor. You want to ensure that they’re experienced, certified, and even insured so there can be no accidents that you’re liable for. You also want to know that when you are looking for finding true professionals, they’ll be able to take their time in figuring up how long the project is going to take and give you a quality estimate. One brisk walk around your home isn’t enough to give an accurate quote, so you want to have a good interview and meet with the painter you’re choosing so you can get into the details.

Ask for References and Portfolios

The best and highest reputable painters often will have a portfolio, and they won’t have any problem providing references, of course everyone’s going to try and use people on their resume that are going to give a good referral. Go ahead and ask them for the last three customers aside from the references they provide so you can get some honest opinions and see if any problems were because of the painter or because of the customers themselves (which is the case that a lot of contractors have is that the customers are “always right”). Most of these quality contractors will also have a portfolio to look at previous custom painting jobs they’ve done.

Materials Matter

First off, of course you want to ensure that your painter has the tools necessary to do a quality job, but also you want to find out what actual painting materials they use (types of paint) primarily when it comes to brands. Some of the higher quality painters will have the option to have lower priced paints, even if they recommend the top of the line ones, while others that are just there for a quick buck will either do one of two things – they’ll push to get the bid and use the lowest quality paints that helps them cut corners, or they’ll push you to only get the highest price and not understand that you may be on a budget. Find the happy medium and you’ve got your guy.


If you’re looking for some of the best Gold Coast, QLD painters in the area, you can rest assured that your job would not be complete without hiring Wakefield Painting Systems. Offering both commercial and residential painting solutions on their website, they specialize in both exterior and interior painting, and have an awesome portfolio and excellent materials that are all custom tinted so you can ensure that you get the exact color you want. Even if you want your roof colored pearlescent sea foam green, they’ll do everything they can with the highest quality ingredients to achieve it for you, and their paints actually last a long time! Wakefield even offers consultation for colors, as well as offers pensioner discounts as well.

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