Pest Control Around The Home

There is nothing quite as annoying as having pests around your home. Still, it is nearly impossible to find a home without pests, for some reason. The presence of pests in a particular home may be dependent on things like geography, and weather, they, however, remain a menace in whatever form they appear. That is why it is important for homeowners to adopt some means to limit or get rid of these pests. That is why we call in Pest Control.

Pest Control deals with effectively managing these pests, and reducing their presence in a particular area. Contrary to popular opinion, it does not just entail eliminating these pests, but also finding a way to disrupt their breeding process, limiting their lifespan, and making the area uncomfortable for their existence. In other words, pest control is more about getting rid of these pests by reducing their population to as low as possible, and in turn, reducing their level of damage. So the pests may still be there, but they would be too few to even be a problem. Pest control is a part of integrated pest management (IPM), that is why they share almost the same objective.

Popular Pest Control Measures

There are so many methods of pest control to employ, and they all depend on the extent of pest problem you may be currently facing.

  1. Prevention

As the popular saying goes, prevention is indeed better than a cure. When it comes to pests, it would be better if they weren't there in the first place, rather than looking for means to get them out. So practice measures that could effectively keep these pests out. Keep your surroundings clean. Dirt attracts pests, especially cockroaches and rodents. Try to keep your home, inside and outside as clean as possible. Pay particular attention to your kitchen. Always clean properly after cooking, getting rid of oil which could dirty your floors and can also attract these pests by smell. Do not allow water to gather anywhere. Clear drains, and any possible thing that could likely store water, as this could be a good spot for certain insects to breed before they make it into your home to continue living in. The point here is to be conscious of your surroundings, and try not to engage in practices that could attract pests.

  1. Engage These Pests Physically

Another popular method to control pests in your home is to keep them out as much as possible. This may look similar to the point above, but unlike there, you already have a pest problem. So now, you are employing ways to keep them out, since, most times, most of these pests spend their days outside, only to come in during the evenings. Devices like nets, for insects, should be employed to keep them out. These nets should be installed on the windows and doors and other possible entrances into the house. Also, get sticky pads for mice and rats. You may need to put barbed wires on your fence to stop rodents from getting through. Traps work too. Just set them off at strategic locations, and use bait if you can.

  1. Use Enemies Against Them

If you have a rodent problem, it would be beneficial to get a cat, as they are known to be natural predators. Ordinarily, a rat or mouse would not be foolhardy to venture into the territory of a cat. Also reptiles, like chameleons and lizards, feed on insects. Under this method, you are controlling these pests by having their predators do their work.

  1. Pesticides

Using pesticides or insecticides is an effective way to greatly reduce the population of insects around you. Simply spraying these things could eliminate more insects than any other known method. But be careful not to spray them around your pets or kids. A good way to do this is to spray these chemicals while everyone is out, so no one gets affected by it. Also, be sure to use insecticides with less toxic chemicals.

Other methods include introducing sterile insects and rodents so that breeding results to nothing, which in turn reduces the population of these bothersome creatures. Remember, the point of retaining the Pest Control in Pittsburgh PA is to strongly reduce the number of these pests, restrict their growth, and limit their area of attack. One thing to note is that these pests cause damage in great numbers. So if you are able to find a way to reduce their strength, then their extent of damage would reduce, and, you may no longer notice it. However, if you feel that things are beyond your control, then you may need to call in professionals.

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