Window Screen Mesh Types Explained

The window screen mesh is not the same as the funny lines you see on your car window screen! One is designed to heat the glass and allow you to see where you’re going, the other is designed to keep bugs out of your home.

If you take a look at these fly screens Sydney, you’ll see that they are all mesh designs, this s the simplest and most effective way to keep bugs out of your home. But, not all mesh screens are the same. Before you start buying them to fit on your windows and doors, it’s a good idea to understand the different types of screens available.

Fiberglass Window Screen

This is one of the most common types of screens simply because it is one of the cheapest. In fact, the fiberglass screen id very flexible, making it easy to transport home and possible to purchase in roll form. This can then be added directly to your window or set in a frame to lift in and out as needed.

Because the screen is so flexible it can be created with very fine holes, allowing air movement but no bugs to enter your home.

Fiberglass screens won’t dent, crease, or unravel, you’ll find them on most new buildings. It’s also worth noting that you can choose your preferred color but that charcoal is usually the best as it causes the least disruption to your visibility when looking out of the window.

Aluminum Wire Screening

An alternative option is aluminum screening which is incredibly strong but noticeably more expensive than a fiberglass screen. This type of screen is unlikely to rust or suffer from any corrosion, but it can be more noticeable from a distance and will affect the way your house looks.

Aluminum window screen mesh can be bought in charcoal, silver, or even black. It’s worth noting that charcoal and black don’t generally dazzle you in the same way that the silver version will.

Patio & Porch Screening

In fact, this type of window screen mesh is designed for any type of door opening. It is also made of fiberglass but it is a heavy knit material, making it stronger and more durable. This is important when dealing with areas that people pass through often. Window screen meshes that rip easily are not going to keep bugs out and will cost you more money n the long term. That’s why it’s worth investing in a heavy-duty fiberglass option.

Again, these can be bought in charcoal or silver, with charcoal being the better one for seeing through.

No See Screen

This screen is also fiberglass but it uses more fiberglass to help create a very fine mesh. The result is that even the smallest bugs can’t get through and your visibility out of the window will not be noticeably affected. These are generally only available in a charcoal color.

Privacy Screen

If you need extra privacy but want to keep the bugs out it is possible to purchase a mesh screen made with the heavy-duty fiberglass that door screens use. This is then coated with a plastic laminate which you can see through in one direction only. Just make sure you fit it the right way around!

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