What Is The Ideal Method For Applying Concrete Sealers?

All Sealers, regardless of their types, protect your concrete from damage and elements like water, grease, oil strains, weather exposure, and abrasion. They also help in retaining the beauty of the concrete, making it easy to clean. If a sealer is not applied correctly, you cannot achieve good results. Each step of application has an impact on the outcome. Therefore, it needs professional skills and a team of efficient workers. If you plan to apply sealers on your concrete driveway or patio, then for good services and technique Concrete Sealers, Contreat contractors would be the best option.

A proper application is essential for a sealer to work effectively. A sealer should be appropriately applied step by step for enjoying a decorative concrete driveway or a patio. The crew members use sprayers and rollers for applying concrete sealers. There are a few steps that they follow:-

  1. Cleaning the concrete by removing dust, dirt, stains, oil, or grease.
  2. Removal of old sealer from the surface and preparing it for application.
  3. Using the etching solution to open up the concrete.
  4. Using a sprayer or a roller to apply a thin coat of sealer.
  5. Waiting for the first application to dry.
  6. Applying the second layer in the. opposite direction.
  7. Before using the surface for driving and walking allows the sealer to dry correctly/thoroughly.

When to Apply?

The time of sealer application has an impact on its outcome; therefore, look for the guidelines for a safe application:-

  1. For a complete cure of concrete, allow it to dry for at least 28 days or as suggested by the contractors.
  2. Applying sealers to wet concrete may result in poor binding and haziness; hence, they should be used in only dry conditions.
  3. After 24 hours of sealer application, air temperature should remain more than 50-degree Fahrenheit.

Method of Sealer Application:-

Using appropriate tools is a must for the best coating and thickness of a sealer for a brilliant performance. Commonly two methods of sealing application are used to cover the concrete surface, they are either by rollers or by sprayers. These two methods depend on the nature of the sealer, whether it is solvent or water-based. Therefore, before choosing the best applicator always go through the guidelines of the application provided by the manufacturers. Whichever sealer you apply, it still covers the maximum area, depending on the concrete's porousness.


It is generally observed that owners try to attempt sealing on their own (DIY), but it doesn't produce good results because the layer becomes thicker when done manually. Therefore, hiring concrete contractors can ensure proper application. Look for the people who initially worked on your project because they may offer maintenance and sealing warranty packages.

Whenever you shop for branded sealers, make sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions as they may differ from the guidelines provided. Hence, always choose the best sealer for your project.  Hire professionals because they use the latest methods and techniques for good outcomes.

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