9 Things to Do First After Moving Into Your New Home

Congratulations! You’ve just moved into a new house, and it’s now time to reorganize yourself to make the place feel like home. The things you do immediately after moving into your new home can determine whether you’ll be a successful homeowner or not.

You need to familiarize yourself with the new house to understand how it functions. As the house owner, it’s your responsibility to choose what projects to prioritize. Besides, you have to do the task right to avoid future inconveniences.

Thankfully, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of the things you should do first after moving into a new house. Keep reading and learn more.

First Things to Do After Moving into a New House

Moving into a new home can be overwhelming and exhausting. Here are some of the things you should do first after moving into a new house.

1.    Go for a Walk-Through

The best time to perform a complete walkthrough in your new house is when it’s empty. So, before unpacking the boxes, consider taking a tour around the hose to make sure everything is in good working condition, as agreed in the contract.

Check if the previous owner made all the repairs as agreed. This is also the best time to ensure everything included in the sale contract is available. If you buy a house from a reputable builder like ballymorehomes.com, you’ll find everything in working order.

2.    Inspect All the Items in the Delivered Boxes

If you prepared an inventory during the moving preparations, use it to check the boxes delivered. Confirm if all the boxes and household items are available. If any of the items is missing, inform the moving crew immediately to check if they left it in the truck.

Consider unpacking all the boxes to check everything is in good condition. If you find damaged or broken items, list them down and contact your moving company to resolve the issue amicably. However, you can avoid such cases by choosing a reputable mover.

3.    Unpack the Essential Items First

Figure out the things you’ll need most after moving into a new home and unpack them from the boxes. Usually, the bathroom and bedroom are the two important rooms you’ll need most. You will need to rest after spending the whole day arranging items.

Unpack the boxes labelled "beddings” and prepare your bed for a soundless sleep full of sweet dreams. Before going to bed, you’ll need to take a shower to refresh yourself. So, take out the towels, bathroom robe, and shower curtains and prepare your bathroom.

4.    Clean the Entire House

It is no doubt that unpacking the boxes can clutter the house with a lot of dust, dirt, and garbage. Once you complete the unpacking process, clean the entire house thoroughly to remove the dirt and dust. Use high-quality cleaning products for better results.

During cleaning, make sure that everything is dust-free, well-polished, and shiny. Mop the floors, vacuum the carpets, and wipe the reflective surfaces. Also, ensure that all the furniture pieces are gleaming and well-arranged.

5.    Locate the Water Valve and Fuse Box

You wouldn't want to spend a lot of time looking for your main water valve and fuse box during emergencies. You may need to cut off the water supply or switch off the electricity to fix a water or power issue. So, ensure you know where the two are located.

If your fuse box has several fuses, figure out the part of your new home that each fuse controls. Make sure all the fuses are labelled. If not, hire a technician to identify and label them. Finally, familiarize yourself with how your water valve operates.

6.    Change All the Locks

You need to change the outside door locks to secure your home against unauthorized access. You’ll never know who has spare keys for the house, whether it’s the previous homeowner or another person. Also, check if all the windows lock securely.

Make sure that all the doors connecting your house interior and exterior have new locks. If you cannot change the locks by yourself, schedule an appointment with a locksmith to do the task. Thankfully, you don’t need a lot of money to change the locks.

7.    Get Your Utilities Connected

It’s usually a great idea to arrange for utilities before moving into a new home. In most cases, the utilities you will need most when immediately you move in are electricity, gas, and water. Contact the utility companies and tell them about your moving day.

Before moving in, ensure everything is set up and are in good condition, including water pipes and electricity lines. On a moving day, check with the utility companies to verify if they've connected water, gas, electricity, and other essential utility.

8.    Change Your Home Address

Since a new house comes with a new mailing address, you need to change your home address immediately you move. Register your current address with the post office near you. Remember, utility companies will also need the new address to offer their services.

Once you've changed the address, let your friends and family members know that you moved. You can also notify your bank, loan provider, and subscription service providers that you moved. Ideally, any company you pay bills to must know your new address.

9.    Know Your New Neighbours

Your new neighbours can be helpful when you are new in the community and unfamiliar with the new environment. Thankfully, making new friends immediately you move can help you acclimatize quickly to the neighbourhood. Introduce yourself to your immediate neighbour by telling them you are their new neighbour. You need to be friendly.

Final Words

It’s no doubt that moving into a new house can be overwhelming. With these great tips and ideas, you can seamlessly transition into your new home. The bottom line is that you need to familiarize yourself with the new house and get all the essentials ready.

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