4 Tips To Choose Best Flooring For Your Kitchen

Your floor is the most high traffic area of your kitchen. But besides its practical functionality, it also serves a major design element. According to expert remodelers at Kitchen Infinity, the floor is the trickiest part since it sets the whole mood for the kitchen but people tend to neglect it so easily.

When we talk about choosing a floor, the choices are endless. Every material comes in numerous textures, colors, durability etc., So making the right choice is not easy but with the right kind of knowledge, you can make an informed decision!

Here are a few tips to help you narrow down your options and pick out the right kind of floor that compliments your kitchen’s theme, and provides functionality:

1. Easy Maintenance And High Durability

Start narrowing down your list of options by picking out the floors that are easy maintenance, and provide more durability like stain resistance, spill resistance, don’t become slippery over time etc. One of the most easy maintenance options are floor tiles. Polish concrete floors and tile floors are amazing when it comes to providing visual aesthetics as well due a variety of visual effects as well!

The best and time tested materials in floor tiles are slate, granite, porcelain and ceramic. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are highly affordable and can mimic wood if that’s the effect you are looking for! Did you know that bamboo floors are even more water resistant and easy maintenance than popular hardwood floors? Yet we see so less of them! 

2. Should Match The Kitchen Design’s Vibe

If you love textures and want to give more warmth your kitchen’s theme and maintenance is not your high priority, go for wooden floors that enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic. Wooden floors are excellent for contemporary and modern style kitchens.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles also provide great textures and come in various varieties, being easy maintenance and highly affordable. But if you want to think outside the box go for vinyl or bamboo! Easy cleaning, and beautiful textures, what more do we ask for?

3. Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness does not always come with durability or alot of textures, but we can get as close as we can! Laminate flooring is a great low cost option if you want a little bit of everything; affordable, textures and easy cleaning. High end laminate floors have been a favorite for a long time because of their vast variety in textures, colors and excellent functioning in busy kitchens.

4. Decide The Color Scheme

We cannot stress this enough: Decide your kitchen color’s scheme! Color schemes can make or break your whole kitchen’s design. Contrasting the color of the floor with the countertop and cabinets is so important and tricky. If you are going for an all white countertop and cabinets, then adding a wood floor, no matter how high quality it is, will look out of place.

Textures, design, tile size, color and cost, everything comes together and then you get the perfect floor for your kitchen. 

Designing the perfect kitchen takes a lot of effort, patience, and budget. You have to be careful when choosing a floor as it takes up a huge portion of the budget, and you have to put in the right place! The options are endless when it comes to the floor but you can always narrow it down to durability, textures and cost effectiveness. Once  you know which one of three is your priority, making a choice will be much easier for you. You can either get something that falls into one specific category or something that meets in the middle and has all three! 

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