Villas You Have Never Seen Before: The Most Luxurious Real Estate in Palm Jumeirah

Being developed in the form of a palm, the island raises the interest of foreigners and attracts visitors and investors from all over the world. The area is considered to be one of the most alluring places to buy real estate. Although the development of the island was launched not long ago in 2006, it already features modern high-tech homes made of glass and concrete, real palaces, townhouses and classic mansions. Villas in Palm Jumeirah are a combination of luxury and technology. In their construction the latest technological advances are used, which provides an incredibly comfortable environment for living and investment. Foreigners are eager to buy properties in Palm Jumeirah of various configurations and sizes. Still, premium villas are in the highest demand. In this article, let`s have a look at the ultra-luxury villas on the island and what they offer. 


The project CLUBVILLAS are the ideal option for those, who prefer closed way of living and appreciate comfort and tranquility. The complex comprises 22 luxury villas of 7 bedrooms. 

The project was developed by the developer TIKHVIN CLUB HOUSE, known for building luxury housing. This fact becomes a guarantee of a high level of comfort. The settlement offers everything one could possibly need for living.

  • The residents have private gardens of incredible beauty. 
  • The settlement is characterized by a five-star 24/7 service. 
  • It has everything from laundry to grocery delivery. 

It is really difficult to find a rival to this residential complex, as the villas here can be called a miracle of architectural thought. The community is constantly developing which makes it a reasonable investment and a good living option. 


The Grandeur Residences features greatness and spaciousness. The residential complex includes royal mansions for the fans of extreme quality. The style of the houses varies significantly, in some of them you can feel like an Indian lord, in others - the Arabian sheik. The project is implemented by developer ETA Star, which is a leader in Dubai in this industry.

The surrounding infrastructure is important. Everything necessary for life is within walking distance. The beach and expensive boutiques are located near the house. Also nearby is the Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, which is available:

  • all types of spa and wellness services
  • access to the sea on a private beach (no strangers)
  • a network of restaurants with cuisines of different nations
  • smart home technology to manage all the amenities and devices 
  • helipad, tennis courts, heated swimming pools (you can always set a comfortable temperature), 24-hour security, gardens, waterfalls, fountains and large parking lots.


The residential complex VICEROY DUBAI is designed in reserved colours and consists of light and airy buildings made of glass and concrete. Such materials make the construction safe for living. The villas here conform to the chrome and white architectural style that is widespread in Palm Jumeirah and throughout Dubai. 

The complex includes 222 ultra-luxury villas with the hotel servicing. The area provides not only comfortable living opportunities, but the possibility to stay in the middle of resort life. Residents and guests of the complex are offered the following services:

  • swimming pools (one of which is 100 meters long);
  • spa and wellness center (area - 800 square meters);
  • many gyms;
  • 10 restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines of different nations;
  • all the popular attractions within a 5-minute drive. 

The key outcomes

The property on the island of Palm Jumeirah is available for buying and investment. Both options are highly beneficial and bring a large list of benefits. High technology has made it possible to build a place that has become synonymous with luxury and comfort. Artificial islands are designed in such a way that only a perfect form can give away that it is a creation of man and not of nature.

It is impossible to distinguish one residential complex that suits the biggest number of benefits. All sectors are equally advantageous for foreigners to choose the most appropriate for them. Whichever villa the buyer likes, it will meet the highest quality standards. Housing in Palm Jumeirah has the following advantages:

  • high standard of living;
  • availability of access to the sea on a private beach;
  • well-developed infrastructure;
  • transport accessibility;
  • an abundance of restaurants, gyms, spas;
  • beautiful gardens and parks on the island;
  • the possibility of choosing a villa for people with any rhythm of life.

Real estate agency to address in Palm Jumeirah 

Real estate agency AX CAPITAL boasts of comprehensible experience and thousands of successful deals. The specialists have in-depth knowledge about the industry and are able to select a perfect housing option.  Implementing the individual approach, the agents explore the market daily to provide each client with unforgettable emotions and beneficial conditions. 

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