6 Common Boiler Problems + Solutions

Having a faulty boiler can be a stressful experience, causing homeowners sleepless nights of worrying about their property's safety and potential costs.

As an experienced professional, this London plumber understands the anxieties that come with having boiler troubles. Therefore, in this article they have got together 6 common boiler issues along with detailed instructions for resolving each one. This way you can make sure you avoid any future costly incurred expenses and identify common problems and quickly find their solutions. Read on to learn more!

What Are The Most Common Boiler Problems?

Every home with a boiler system that produces hot water or steam is bound to experience a few hiccups from time to time. To ensure the comfort of your household, it is in your best interest to be aware of the most common boiler problems and how you can go about solving them.

1. Not Enough Hot Water

If you’re not getting enough hot water from your boiler, there could be several reasons as to why. It could be due to incorrect thermostat settings – check that your thermostat isn't set too low – or it could be due to mineral deposits blocking any pipes, requiring descaling.


Check all your thermostat settings first and adjust accordingly if necessary; if it's still not heating up enough then consult your local plumber who will assess the situation further and advise on what needs done next - most likely mineral deposits need removing!

2. Overheating

Overheating can happen if too much pressure builds up inside the tank, causing it to boil over. This can cause serious damage so it’s best treated immediately! Overheating usually occurs due to a faulty pressure relief valve or blocked expansion pipe which prevents any excess pressure being released safely.


If you experience overheating in your boiler, switch off the power supply immediately and call an engineer straight away - they'll assess the situation and either repair/replace any parts that are failing or advise you on what else needs doing in order for safe operation again!

3. Leaking Boiler

A leaking boiler can be caused by several things such as a broken seal or faulty valve, but whatever the cause may be, it should never be overlooked as this could lead to further costly repairs or even worse, an unsafe environment for those in your home!


If you detect any sign of leaking coming from your boiler then switch off the power supply immediately before calling out an engineer - they'll then inspect everything thoroughly before repairing/replacing any components that are failing and make sure everything is back in proper working order again once they're finished!

4. Noisy Boiler

If your boiler is making loud noises, this could be an indication of limescale building up inside the tank. This may partially block any water that passes through. The result can be undue stress on your boiler which in turn leads to these annoying noises!


The best way to tackle this problem is to call out a plumber to descale the interior of the tank. They’ll be able to do this safely and effectively Also, they will point out any other potential problems which should save you time and money in the long run!

5. Low Pressure

Low pressure usually happens when there's not enough water in the system. Causes could be a blocked pipe, faulty valve or even a leak somewhere - all which need assessing quickly as too low of pressure can cause serious issues with your boiler working correctly!


Firstly try bleeding off any airlock by turning off both the thermostat and boiler before opening up all valves that are accessible. If no pressure is restored then call out an engineer. They'll be able to assess everything further and either repair/replace any parts needed swiftly!

6. Pilot Light Going Out

If your pilot light keeps going out then there's likely something wrong with either the thermocouple or gas valve - both of which will need replacing if found faulty. If neither one is found broken then there's a chance that dirt/debris has made its way into either one so inspect them thoroughly before proceeding further!


Call out an expert who will assess everything for you and determine what needs replacing (if anything). They'll install new parts safely so that you don't have to worry about lamps going out ever again – job done!

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, there are many common boiler issues you may run into. The good news is that there are usually simple solutions for these problems. Whether it’s simply relighting the pilot light or more complicated work like flushing out mineral deposits, you can fix most boiler issues. However, if you encounter a complex problem and don’t feel comfortable enough to attempt the resolution on your own, consider calling a professional plumber who has years of experience plying their trade.

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