How to Choose the Right Curtain Track Set for Your Apartment

You’ve just moved into your new apartment, but lo and behold, you must supply your own window coverings – including curtain tracks. A curtain track system adds a lot of utility and versatility to your room, plus it helps your curtains look symmetrical and keeps your curtain rods well organized.

There are a lot of different curtain track systems out there, so you might be wondering which one is the best to buy and how to prepare it for installation. Luckily, curtain track systems are easy enough to put in, and you have a lot of style options to choose from.

Let’s go over what a curtain track system is and how it can help breathe some life into your new place.

Just what is a curtain track system?

Here’s the deal with a curtain track system: it is a set of rails and tracks that can be attached to the ceiling or wall and holds your curtains in place. There are quite a few different types of curtain track systems on the market, and each one has its own uses and advantages.

A one-piece aluminum track is one of the most common types of curtain track systems and can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. They have clips on each end that holds the curtains in place. If you have a bay window or curved window, you can find specially designed tracks. There are even trackless systems that use fabric loops or rings attached to a rod to help hold your curtains in place. So, yes, you sure do have a lot of options.

Think About the Hardware You Need

You’ve moved your things in and finally made sense of your lease. Make sure you have the right hardware on hand to help you install curtains. You’ll need to think about whether you will be mounting the track on the wall or ceiling and how many rooms you will need to do.

If you use curtain rods, you can install them on the ceiling or the wall, but the hotel-style tracks are usually wall-mounted. This means you will need different types of hardware for each. You can go for the aluminum tracks or opt for nylon tracks or metal tracks depending on your budget and preferences.

Measure the Space You Have Available

How much space do you need to cover with your curtain track system? Always be sure to measure the space you have available and need to cover. Your track needs to be long enough, plus you need to know that the space below the window doesn’t get covered. Furthermore, you need to consider that the ceiling’s height and interfering objects can make for challenges while trying to set up your curtain track system.

Also, ensure that you have ample room for the track to move about without snagging on people or objects inside of the room. Leave about 6 inches of space between the wall on either side and the track itself.

Select the Style That Best Suits You

Which style will best cater to your intended aesthetic? Are you wanting your curtains to have a gathering up top or cascade down to the floor? Are you wanting a more minimalistic design or something a little bit posher? Before you go buying something, carefully weigh your options.

You might want to play around with ideas after you’ve taken your measurements and focus on the type of vibe you’re going for in a particular room.

Ensure the Quality

One of the important things to bear in mind is that you often get what you pay for when it comes to curtain track systems. You don’t need to spend a small fortune to get a durable, long-lasting system, but going for the cheapest possible option might give you less-than-desirable results.

Metal typically lasts the longest, although it is more expensive than other options. Heavy-duty aluminum tracks are more affordably priced while still being strong and long-lasting. Those made from plastic are the most affordable but tend to break the most easily.

Dressing up your new digs is important since your living space is a reflection of who you are. Finding the right curtain track set for your apartment allows you more versatility while hanging your curtains. Prepare your space, get your tools ready, and have fun setting up your abode.

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