Top 8 Rental Home Improvement Hacks

If you have just walked into your new rental, you might want to breathe more life into it and make it feel like home or at least more luxurious.

The hacks listed below will let you accomplish such an atmosphere with minimal investment and to a great effect. Just make sure to always ask your landlord for any changes you plan to avoid troubles at the end of your tenancy.

Lighting fixture upgrade

Light fixtures are so small and yet can have such a noticeable presence in a room. They are a fantastic way of aiding natural light or providing enough artificial light to set your rental's tone.

Changing a fixture at your rental can significantly improve the atmosphere and create a new attractive focal point for the interior design at the place.

Moreover, they are very cost-efficient for the level of change they bring to the table, and you could even use one that you have had for a very long time and that you enjoy.

Still, you would need some level of knowledge regarding electrical work to avoid having to pay for a handyman to set it up for you.

Nevertheless, changing your light fixture is among the best rental improvements that will make you feel at home at next to no expense.

Balcony awning for more space

This can be a tiny bit pricey, but for the good it will do you, it's well worth the money. It is definitely an improvement hack to implement for your new rental.

The bigger the balcony, the more space you will get with the awning. You can use this extra room for storing, relaxing, partying or even working.

It can furthermore add to your design improvements since it goes fantastic with curtains or adding nylon or wooden walls.

You could easily add furniture to it if you choose the let-down nylon to protect you further from the elements. Balcony awning will open up extra space, look stylish, and make you stand out.

It will usually involve some drill work, so speak to your landlord first. You might need to perform property repairs and maintenance work at the end of your tenancy.

Art in unlikely places

There is no easier improvement to a rental, to make it feel more like home, than adding some art that you love.

Personalising your space with framed pictures on the wall or some free-standing figurines, sculptures, or another type of art will breathe some fresh air and familiarity into your new rental.

Use your hallway as an introduction to your style by adding lots of art on the walls and shelves, possibly your own artwork.

Use removable decals to open up your ceiling with the art of a beautiful sky, or add mysticism and serenity with a starry night - anything that you enjoy. Why not even use the floor? You can use any empty space in your rental to turn it into an extension of your favourite things.

You probably have tons of art you enjoy already, so you just need to choose where it will be placed in your new rental.

Removable wallpaper

An easy improvement hack for bland or dated walls is removable wallpapers. For one, there is a huge variety to choose from, and they will also let you express yourself or set up the atmosphere you are looking for in your rental.

Additionally, they are non-intrusive changes to a rental property since they are very easy to install and remove, so there is no additional cost for cleaning services.

Removable wallpapers are also relatively inexpensive, and in many cases, if you invest in a higher-end one, you could even re-use it at home or the next rental you move into. Very cost-efficient and versatile improvement hack for your new rental.

Faux fireplace

A faux fireplace can truly outline the elements of your room or serve as an accent itself. It is a very clean and stylish improvement for any tenant and a great choice if you want to reduce end of tenancy cleaning costs.

Setting up a faux fireplace at your rental means you don't have to do any alterations to the property itself, so there won't be any need for property repairs and maintenance services at the end of your tenancy.

You could either add the faux fireplace for simple decoration purposes, choosing a look which would create the illusion of a worn-out or sealed fireplace, or you could insert an electric heater inside, which would also heat the place whenever you need it.

You can make yourself the farm of the fireplace from pretty much anything, including cardboard and paint the inside. It gives off a very luxurious and vintage feel to your place.

Plant wall

A plant wall in a rental might sound like a tough job to pull off, but it is manageable and without you causing too much damage that would require calling property maintenance services during the end of your tenancy.

Using a wall hanger to hold your plants' pots is one fantastic way of making your living plant wall. There are also ceramic pots which anchors can hold to the wall.

If you want to avoid wall damage, there are hooks and strips you can also plant on the wall without having to drill or nail. While it's not exactly a wall, you could go for wooden or metal shelving for your plants.

You could also go for...

Ceiling hooks

Another place you can hang not just your plants but also art, light fixtures and all manner of decorations.

This is why installing hooks on the ceiling can come in very handy. It opens up new spaces to combine with our unlikely spaces for art, from our previous point and frees up your floor and walls.

And fixing these holes during your move-out cleaning can be as simple as adding a tiny bit of spackle to the hole.

Accent rug

Hands down, rugs are one of the easiest improvement hacks that you can apply to your new rental. They boast numerous choices of synthetic, organic and mixed yarns that you can choose from to personalise your rooms.

Rugs are a fantastic addition that can lower heating bills during the winter since they offer excellent insulation.

Their price variety is as large as their looks, and you could easily invest in one and then take it with your off to a new rental.

As an added value, a rug can serve a protective layer for a hard floor, reducing the chance you will end up with unexpected property maintenance costs if you accidentally drop something on the floor.


These are a few hacks that are going to improve your rental and that you can relatively easily remove during the end of your tenancy.

If any holes or damage remain from drilling and you are unsure how to do end of tenancy cleaning to deal with them, use professional end of tenancy cleaning services to help you out!

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