How to Keep Your Apartment Clean: 10 Things You Didn't Know You Should Clean

Residing in an apartment doesn't exempt you from the need for thorough cleaning, quite the contrary. In fact, regular cleaning becomes even more imperative due to the heightened awareness of cleaning requirements in a more intimately sized living space. However, there's no cause for concern, as employing appropriate cleaning products such as those provided by HG enables you to efficiently clean every corner of your apartment, provided you know where to begin. Below are 10 areas within your apartment that warrant cleaning attention.

Ceiling fans and light fixtures

Two commonly neglected areas within an apartment are ceiling fans and light fixtures. This tendency is quite understandable as they are situated beyond easy reach and typically require tools for access. Attention tends to shift toward these features only when issues arise. Regrettably, dust tends to accumulate in these spots, necessitating regular cleaning to prevent the dissemination of allergens.

Vents and air filters

Similar to ceiling fans and light fixtures, HVAC vents and air filters are frequently disregarded due to their relatively concealed positioning. Dust accumulation is common in these areas as their function involves allowing air passage while filtering it. Hence, regular cleaning is essential, and air filters should be replaced in accordance with the designated timeframe.

Behind appliances

Components within an apartment that remain hidden from view are often neglected. This tendency extends to the rear sides of sizable appliances like refrigerators, cabinets, and beds. Hence, it's crucial to consistently inspect and clean these concealed areas.

Baseboards and moldings

Two additional parts of an apartment that often go unnoticed during cleaning are baseboards and moldings. This oversight stems from baseboards frequently being concealed by household appliances, and moldings being situated out of easy reach. Therefore, it's important to remember to clean these areas when conducting a comprehensive cleaning of your apartment.

Window tracks and sills

The following elements within your apartment that warrant cleaning attention are window tracks and sills. Owing to their confined nature, dirt, small debris, and even deceased insects can readily amass in these spaces.

Shower curtain liner

Another frequently overlooked component in your apartment is the shower curtain liner. This area is susceptible to the accumulation of mold and mildew due to its frequent exposure to moisture.

Electronics and remote controls

Although they tend to be used quite often, they are in fact the most ideal places for bacteria and germs to live. This is due to the fact that they are touched quite often.

Pillows and cushions

Pillows, throw pillows, and couch cushions are prime locations for the accumulation of dust and mites due to their materials. It's essential to vacuum them regularly to maintain good health, especially since you likely come into close contact with and touch them frequently.

Trash cans

You might assume that disposing of trash contained in a trash can resolves your issues. Nonetheless, remnants of the trash that adhere to the interior of the trash can can pose a problem, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive.

Mattress and bedding

Similar to pillows, mattresses and bedding are also conducive environments for the accumulation of dust and mites. Hence, regular vacuuming of these items will contribute to enhanced health and facilitate restful sleep. Maintaining a clean apartment involves attention to often overlooked areas. With a focus on thorough cleaning and the use of appropriate products, like those provided by HG, you can effectively tackle every corner of your living space.

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