Tips when putting your apartment or condo up for rent

The economy remains volatile thanks in part to the political issues in the USA and Europe. It seems likely that the housing markets across the world will start to slow over the coming months; this could make it easier to rent your apartment or condo.

Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to help get that sale you need:

Build Your Own Webpage

Real estate agents have their place and will be beneficial to you when renting. However, this doesn’t prevent you from building your own web page and marketing your property yourself. With a little help, you can create the perfect landing page, ensuring any potential tenant can see all the best elements of your condo instantly.

You can even link your site to your real estate agent; this is one of those times when pictures really do say a thousand words. The easier it is for someone to imagine themselves living in your condo or apartment the more likely they are to want a viewing and commit to renting.

Take An Objective Look

You may love your apartment and this can cause you to overlook any critical issues. Take a moment to look at the apartment as though you are seeing it for the first time, you can even ask a friend to do this for you.

You’ll then see the aspects that need to be altered to ensure it is more attractive to potential tenants. This could be repainting those bright walls or even making sure all the appliances have been tested and the electrical system is safe.

Set The Price Right

It is important to consider where your condo is located and which type of tenant you are trying to attract. Families will generally want to be near schools and other children orientated facilities while professionals may want access to good nightlife.

Your target tenant will depend on your location and this will also dictate the price you are able to charge. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to raise money for some extreme travel experiences; you need the rent to be the right price.

Social Media

A ‘for rent’ sign is not going to be sufficient. You need to get your property on social media but don’t give away your exact address!

Social media is a fantastic way to reach thousands of potential tenants and you can even look at their profiles before you decide whether they could be a good tenant or not.

Providing you already have a following you simply need to mention that you have an apartment or condo for rent and let the social media grapevine do the rest of the work for you!

Be Open

The rent is not usually the only thing that a tenant will have to pay. It is best to be upfront about any building charges, potential rates, and energy costs. This will ensure the tenant can afford to rent your condo and is more likely to help you find someone who will stay in your apartment for the long term.

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