Home Construction: What To Know About Working With Contractors

If you’ve never built your own home before it can be a daunting prospect. Not only do you need to design a home, find a plot and deal with planning consents; you’ll also need to deal with a variety of contractors. This can be extremely challenging.

The best approach is to deal with contractors as each of them has specialized knowledge of their field; this should make the build process simpler.

However, you need to be prepared before you start taking on contractors.

General Labor

Before you get started it is worth considering how much of the build you hope to do yourself. If you are planning to do the basic work with a team of laborers, then you should click this link; it will provide you with access to all the laborers you need and you can hire them for just the period you need them.

Be Professional

To the contractors you are going to use your home construction project is simply another job. Treat them as professionals and remain professional at all times. Your heart and soul may have gone into designing the house but the build project is just another business matter.

The more professional you are the easier it will be to deal with an array of contractors.


You need to spend a lot of time researching the different contractors and speaking to them. Ideally you should check out social media and eve try to visit some of their past projects. The more information you have regarding how they work and the quality of their job the easier you’ll find it to choose the best contractor for your project.

Check Them Out

Once you’ve researched and reviewed you should ask to see their qualifications. If they are unable to supply these then you shouldn’t be using them. They may be offering a cheaper alternative but this will come back to haunt you if there are any problems with the build.

It is also important to verify that they have the right level of insurance; this will cover you if any issues happen during the build.

Get It In writing

This should potentially be rule one. Any agreement between you and a contractor needs to be in writing. You need to specify exactly what they are doing and what you expect from them. You should also specify the amount they are charging.

If amendments to this are necessary then they should also be concluded in writing; this will protect you later and help to insure you get the home you wanted.

Clean Up

It can be easy to forget about cleaning up after the work is finished. Some contractors will include it automatically and you may assume this is the case. But, it is not always the case. You need to verify the cleanup process before any agreements are signed; the contractor should clean up their own mess.

Finally you need to be able to talk to the contractor when they are working; if you are not comfortable round them then it doesn’t matter how good their qualifications are; you need to choose a different contractor.

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