Tips and Tricks from Last Minute Movers in Austin TX

Did you forget what date you scheduled your moving trip for? Were you so overwhelmed with work, catching up, and goodbyes, that you fell into the calendar trap and left your packing unfinished? Or maybe you just had trouble coordinating with your housemates?

Tough luck. Whatever the reason for your predicament may be, once you fid yourself in the situation that you are preparing everything for your moving at the last minute, you are bound for one serious rollercoaster.

The important thing is to keep your cool. Even if you have only a day remaining, or even only a few hours, you can still take care of it if you just adjust your mindset a little and make your body tough through a few intense episodes.

In exploring the world of packing and moving organization, we got over to the City of Austin in Texas, and asked the local experts for some advice on how to successfully prepare for moving house at the last minute.

Make a list and stick to it.

When you are in a rush and panicking, writing a list of chores may well be the very last thing you want to spend your time on, but believe us, it will do wonders for your hectic situation.

Grab a notepad, or your phone, or scrap paper, whatever is on hand, and do a running check of the house or apartment. Make a distinction between what you need, want, and can do without, and stick to those categories. Shove everything under one of these three labels: pack, trash, and donate or sell. Do your best not to skip anything, and do not allow your brain to have sentimental second thoughts.

Ask for help. Beg for help. Get more hands on board.

Call out to your friends, family, and neighbors to help you pack things up more quickly. If you can afford it money-wise, ring up a moving company like Apple Moving - an Austin Texas group with great experience in overcoming property adversities. Feel free to let the pros handle the large or tricky rooms while you mop up all the rest.

Having a few more pairs of helping hands makes a whole universe of a difference when it comes to kitchen cabinets, home libraries, and especially for taking away items meant for charity, recycling, or trash.

Do not forget to properly thank all of your helpers once the chaos has died down. Invite them to a wholesome meal at your new home, or throw a party to celebrate the end of packing and unpacking. And of course, be prepared to return the favor in the future. Click here to get some ideas how.

Pack now, think later, and just wing it.

If you are at a minute to twelve on your “get packed already” clock face, forget everything you knew about organizing your items. Throw it all out the window and just throw everything into whatever box will hold it. Never mind the itemized lists and sorting by size and weight.

Make no effort to group like items together, just put them where they fit. As long as it is packed securely and is safe from breaking along the way, everything is fine. You can catch up with the sorting business once you are actually in your new home and all the boxes are unloaded and brought in.

You can also skip labeling, as it makes little sense at this point, but do clearly note if there are fragile or sensitive items in a box. To learn more about common packaging symbols, visit this page:

Handle your boxes like a conveyor belt would. Have them all in one big pile out of the way, and only grab one closer when you need it. Fill it up, tape it over, shove it back out of the way and keep going.

Do not bother folding clothes. Wrap bags around your hanging garments and throw them in with the rest of the cargo. Flop whatever is already folded right into a box and add all the small stuff from the drawers, or even just wrap up entire drawers themselves. Softer items like socks, undershirts, or towels can be used to wrap breakable things like china, tableware, or glass bottles, and safely fill up empty space in boxes.

Trash bags are your equivalent of a universal band aid now.

Seriously, use them for everything. They are the ideal quick fix solution for acking up all of your clothes, blankets, towels, back up bedding, cushions, and even books or office supplies. They tend to have a way larger capacity than cardboard boxes; just make sure you get your hands on a strong brand that will not tear easily in transport.

If you go for this solution, you need to go back to labeling, though. You do not want a friend or worker mistakenly throwing your stuff into the bin! Try tying ribbons to the top, or use painters’ masking tape and permanent marker.

Get up so early that you wake up the alarm clock.

If the sun has risen already, you should be on your feet as well. There is no time to waste in this kind of a situation, so just down some coffee or a protein mix to kickstart yourself and get to work as soon as you remember who you are. Even of you are a night owl by nature, or a permanently exhausted pigeon, you will thank yourself for being smart enough to get a head start on your last minute workload.

Tie up all the loose ends that have likely been left hanging from the previous night, and be on the lookout for any unexpected chores that tend to pop up just before the actual moving. Keep track of easily misplaced items like jewelry, chargers, hairbrushes etc. Take a moment to review your lists and make sure everything important is safely packed and ready to go.

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