5 Amazing cladding ideas for facades

The façade of any building will wear over time and can start to look distinctly dated. In the worst cases it will even become dangerous. Fortunately there are plenty of new materials that can be used to replace your façade and restore your building. It can be the best looking home on your street!

It’s important to remember that the façade is the first thing that people will see when they approach your home. It’s important to get a professional like Peter Bracey to install your façade. This will ensure it looks as good as you want it to and will last for years.

If you’re hoping to sell, then you may need to opt for a simple façade but if you’re planning on staying that you can choose one of these amazing cladding ideas and really leave your own stamp on the building:

  1. Mosaic

Why opt for one plain color when you can use the mosaic effect to create a stunning and unique finish? All you need is natural stone and plaster to make your house look like it’s out of medieval times or even a small castle.

You can ix the natural stone to inspire your look.

  1. Stone & Lattice

This is a different approach to the norm but one that can really work. All you need to do is clad part of your hole in stone and then the other part n a wooden lattice. This can be a great effect for your windows as it will still let the sunlight in while almost making your home look like it has no windows!

If done properly the house will look elegant but retain its privacy allowing you to sit comfortably inside watching the world go by; staring at your new home.

  1. Stone Slabs

If done properly this can make anyone look twice. At the first glance they may well think that they are looking at a building from the Roman times. The stone creates a rugged look that reflects the columns of a Roman villa.

It also reflects light in a variety of directions while subtly stating that your home is a beautiful place to live. 

  1. Modern Twist

Virtually any stone style façade ca actually be built with a fountain or similar feature built into it. This is a great way to draw attention to your home and make all your neighbors jealous. You can even connect the waterfall or other feature to a smart system and control it even when you’re not at home.

To really complete the effect simply build your Japanese style garden at the base of the fountain.

  1. Minimal

Never underestimate the power of pale. You can opt for white or a light grey cladding and make the home look, brand new again. You can even add a few clever tricks to change the shape of the house on the outside, allowing you to create an architectural gem without the need to rebuild your home.

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