For comprehensive building inspection report, you must include pest inspection in its scope

The biggest concern for property buyers is to know that they are making the right purchase and paying the right price in terms of what they get. Things are easier if buyers know in advance what they are getting for which it is important to ascertain the property characteristics and its condition. For the convenience of buyers, building inspection companies offer comprehensive building inspection services that culminate in a building and pest inspection condition report. Buyers can learn extensively about the condition of the property from the inspection report that includes every detail relevant to property health. The document captures the defects and damages of the property that helps to avoid problems and additional costs later. The best thing about the building and pest inspection condition report are that it helps to avoid unpleasant surprises that can catch buyers on the wrong foot.

Get it inspected by an experienced builder

Evaluating property is an out and out technical job because visual inspections by buyers typically do not reveal much about property health.  The inspection is therefore incomplete and does not help buyers. For proper inspection of the property, you must get it done by qualified and experienced builders only who are trained and conversant with the job. Incidentally, the building inspector is a skilled and licensed builder because it is the minimum qualification necessary to become an inspector who can also check for pest infestation in properties. Only those who hold a Builder’s licence and a Termite Management licence and have 5 years’ experience can become a building inspector.

What the report covers

The building inspection report is a written document that clearly outlines the property condition and often referred to as the standard property report. The report captures defects and damages like cracking or movement in the walls, rising damps, faulty roof and safety hazards. In addition, the report also examines the legal compliances with respect to safety and building rules of the place so that any shortcomings become known to buyers before that enter into any transaction about the property. The report helps buyers to know the property's worth so that they can gauge if there is any overcharging in price. Even if they are willing to pay more, they know what they can get in return.

Site parameters are also included

Since the property consists of the building and the site, it is imperative that the building inspection report also consists of the site parameters in the report. From the garage, garden shed and carport to the drainage system for surface water and stormwateras well as fencing and retaining walls together with paths and driveways, everything is included in the report.  While there is a general list of items covered by the report, buyers can include any particular parameters that they want to know about.

Some building inspection companies also offer pest inspection services as part of the building inspection, and it is up to buyers to decide the scope of the inspection. Since pest activity can affect the property condition, including it in the scope makes the inspection comprehensive.

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