Heating and Cooling: The Basics

Heating and cooling your home is essential. Your thoughts may turn to money or how energy efficient is my home. The main thing to know is that the more energy efficient your system is, the less they will cost to run. In essence, the lower your utility bill will be. In this article, we will discuss two important labels to look for on any heating and cooling product and two thoughts to keep in mind when shopping for your next heating and cooling system.

EnergyGuide Labels

Heating and cooling systems are not all the same. When deciding on a system, look for the EnergyGuide label. This label will inform you of how efficient the model is. This label also shows a comparison to other models.

Heating and cooling products may not have the actual label attached to them. If this is the case, then you can look in several places for the information.

  • Factsheet
  • Website
  • Brochure
  • Directory

If you do not see the information, then ask for it. The Appliance Labeling Rule requires this information be available to consumers.

Energy Star Logo

 Heating and cooling systems all have a energy guide label. If the system meets certain energy efficiency criteria, then a Energy Star logo will be found on the label. The Energy Star lets you know a particular system meets the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Think “Efficiency”

Heating and cooling your home equals more than half of the energy you use, according to the U.S Department of Energy. When choosing a new system, there are plenty of aspects to consider.

  • The latest options available
  • The cost of the product
  • How much energy they use
  • Cost of operating a particular system

Heating and cooling your home with the most energy efficient equipment, that meets your family’s needs, will help you to spend less money. Another benefit to energy efficiency is that the environment will thank you. You will reduce air pollution and conserve natural resources.

Shop Smart

Heating and cooling products are an investment in your home and finances. When beginning to shop for a new system or something to enhance the system you currently have, be smart. It is okay to be skeptical of anything that promises reductions in heating and cooling costs. You will want to verify any product claims and this can be done through independent sources.

Heating and cooling professionals will help you in your decision, but always do your research first. Knowing about the EnergyGuide label and Energy Star logo will enhance your buying experience and help you come out with a heating and cooling system that will not only enhance your home, but your wallet.

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