Williams Gate Works

Custom built gates are a unique property value boosting asset. Williams Gate Works builds high-grade gates, with a variety of stylish designs. Our carpenters use carefully selected wood that endures longer than a lifetime. Catalogued are the characteristics that make our custom gates the true-and-tested gate makers for Santa Cruz residents!

The finest California trees are cultivated to build our gates. Our tree species are chosen by grain patterns with premier endurance. A variety of wood is used to match the design of gates---including, mahogany, redwood, and bamboo. Williams Gate Works has an eye for detail with selecting wood with exquisite growth pattern to shape spectacular gates. The gates are suited to aesthetically improve entrances to backyards, driveways, and home gardens.

Ordinary neighborhood gates are assembled with ingredients that age poorly. Top-quality fixings are used for our robust and weatherproof gates. The wood is fashioned with joints made of tenon and mortise. Combined with adhesives tested to resist erosion and aging, our materials powerfully fasten the gate together. Our carpenters work closely with home owners, architects, and our carpenters to design the ideal gate. Williams Gate Works proudly serves the Santa Cruz county area---contact us today for consultation on custom-built gates!

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