The Dangers of Having a Bed Bug Infestation

Beg bugs are not just in your mattress

When people talk about pests infesting their home or a residential property they can be talking about insects, rodents, reptiles, and even other animals. One of the pests that many homeowners end up having to deal with is bed bugs. You have probably heard of bed bugs before, but what are they really? Beg bugs are very small insects about 5 to 7 mm long and 2 to 3 mm wide; they have oval and flat bodies that allow them to hide just about anywhere. Bed bugs have six legs and antennae which you might have a hard time seeing if you ever spot them. Bed bugs are usually muddy brown in color, except after feeding on blood which will engorge them and make them look reddish. You might think that bed bugs only infest mattresses because of their name; but the fact is that their name is quite misleading because bed bugs will often hide in many different types of places such as furniture, clothes, window frames, cracks on the floor, and even your pet’s flooring, making them very hard to get rid of.

Bed bugs and diseases

As you might already know, bed bugs feed on blood; because of this, a lot of people fear that they might get infected with some strange and perhaps fatal disease by bed bugs. But you should know that bed bugs are not known to transmit any type of disease to humans; however, bed bugs do bite both humans and other animals so their presence in your home is not just a danger for your loved ones but also for your pets. You will not eel when bed bugs bite you as you might with other insects because you will most likely be asleep and because bed bugs inject an anesthetic into their victims when they bite. Most people become aware that they have bed bugs when they start to feel itching and notice red welts on parts of their bodies. Those welts might last for weeks and will itch intensely but it is important not to scratch them too hard or they could get worse and you might even get an infection as a result. In the worst of cases, some people experience allergic reactions to bed bug bites that might include trouble breathing. According to a 2014 Penn Medicine study, bed bugs can also transmit parasites but that has yet to be studied further, although it is cause for concern. As you can clearly see, a bed bug infestation is a serious issue that has to be taken care of as soon as possible by experienced professionals such as A1 Bed Bug Exterminator.

The emotional and psychological damage that bed bugs cause

Bed bugs are not going to kill you, but they can clearly be more than a nuisance in many ways. But perhaps the biggest impact that bed bugs have on people is emotional and psychological. People begin to feel a lot of stress and anxiety when they realize that they have bed bugs, especially if they cannot locate them on their mattress no matter how hard they try. If professional help does not come right away, they might have to spend the night in the same house knowing that bed bugs are lurking somewhere just waiting to suck their blood and this alone will cause them to lose sleep and disturb them deeply. In order to avoid as much of this emotional and psychological duress as possible, it is imperative that you call a bed bug extermination company as soon as you even suspect that you have bed bugs. Yet another stressful issue is thinking that the neighbors might see the bed bug exterminators when they come and word will get around about them having bed bugs. Although bed bugs are not attracted to dirty places and even the fanciest hotels will have bed bug issues from time to time, some people are prone to think that a home that gets bed bugs gets them because it is filthy. One way to keep the neighbors from even suspecting anything is to ask the bed bug exterminators that you hire if their services are discreet in order to avoid this issue altogether. You will find that pest control professionals are already aware of such issues and offer discreet services as a result.

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