Learning about the different aspects of popcorn ceilings and its alternative solution

A lot of Manhattan homes still have popcorn ceilings, but unfortunately, not many homeowners have awareness about it. There was indeed a wave in 1945 to 1980 when this ceiling material and style became quite prevalent in the residential projects for its textured look created by a sponge or spray. From bedrooms to hallways and basements, they featured almost everywhere. Then, their cost-effectiveness and time-efficiency became other reasons for many families to embrace it. However, things suddenly changed when the presence of asbestos in popcorn ceiling mixtures came into notice. The US government banned its use because it contained a type of cancer-causing component. 

The families living in the houses built between the 1930s and 1990s with popcorn ceilings can still be at risk. That's why they must understand why they should inspect them and how they can get rid of them. Let’s explore both these aspects one by one.

Why do you need to get rid of popcorn ceilings?

Despite being an unstoppable trend once in Manhattan and other US homes, popcorn ceilings suffered a devastating fate for two main reasons – maintenance and asbestos. The bumpy surface of the roof attracts dust, dirt, cobwebs, and spiders, ruining the entire appearance over time. You can use a duster or vacuum cleaner to eliminate them. But if you put too much pressure on the ceiling, the raised particles can become loose and fall.

Similarly, if the ceiling develops cracks or holes, the repairing process may consume a lot of time to fix it. It can create a lot of mess too. Besides, moisture and leaks are other enemies of this type of ceiling. The stipples can absorb wetness and gain weight, due to which their chances of peeling and falling off can increase.

Other than cleaning and repair challenges, the possible existence of asbestos in the ceilings can be the real threat. If the house where you reside belongs to the 1930s and 1990s, it would be best if you get it inspected. You cannot conduct any repair or remodeling work there without having a sense of the risks that it may include. Scraping is one of the most common methods of removing this kind of ceiling . When it happens, the traces of asbestos can float in the air, which if you and your family inhale, can prove dangerous.

It is better to hire an expert agency like Popcorn Ceiling Solutions Manhattan for assistance. The professionals can confirm if your home is at risk or not and whether it is safe to conduct any home improvement task there. Additionally, they can inform you about an alternative for this, which is most likely going to be stretch fabric ceilings.

What can stretch fabric ceilings do?

In the construction and repair market, suspended or stretch fabric ceilings have become a common phenomenon. This system, perceived as a luxury in the early days, has traveled a long distance since. Today, the democratic pricing and ease of installation have helped expand its reach with the dwellers in Manhattan. It can adorn your bedroom, kid’s room, guestroom, and even living room. If you compare it with other finishes, the choice stands above the rest for providing safety. This ceiling system contains fabric or PVC materials that can tolerate any mechanical damage. However, one has to be careful with sharp objects, such as knives  and other tools that can cut or stab it.

Advantages of stretch fabric ceilings

It is easy to maintain, and if you keep it in good condition, you might not have to think about doing anything with it for a long time. Its moisture and temperature resistance is another plus. The layer can tolerate up to 100 liters of water, so you don't need to take any tension with the structure. Besides, you don't have to fear anything in the event of a fire. The stretch ceiling will not catch fire or produce smoke ; it would only melt away.

Since you can install this ceiling as a layer over the existing popcorn or concrete ceilings without having to go through messy scraping and other removal jobs, you can opt for this home remodeling project anytime you wish. If your original ceilings have turned old or showing signs of aging, you can again depend on this solution to remove your stress.

As far as aesthetic value goes, you again don't have to worry. You can hide the electrical wiring under this ceiling to bring focus on the ceiling design and decorative lighting fixtures. It's just that you have to choose the lights carefully. You cannot install hot lamps. LED lights are the best option here. Since you can achieve a lot with the combination of stretch ceiling and LED lighting, you wouldn't regret your decision.

While popcorn ceilings may have an old charm about them, stretch fabric ceilings look quite modern and can blend with any interior theme effortlessly along with enhancing its quintessential character.

So, what are you thinking about now? It can give your home a beautiful makeover without any hassles. The choices of art designs are proof that this material can be an ideal fit for any typical Manhattan house that enjoys breathtaking interiors and creativity. Then, the possibilities to experiment with lights are another reason why you may opt for it. The lighting fixture not only creates an attractive ambiance but also come in handy in saving energy cost in the long run. Just make sure you choose the right contractor for this job.

Installation and quality of the product play a critical role in the successful completion of any task. If the contractor has experience, knowledge, and expertise, you don't have to take any pressure. They will perform their job diligently so that you can enjoy the result and feel satisfied with your choice. However, if they lack a proper background in this area, then you may have to face the consequences. So, even if you choose stretch fabric ceiling to bid farewell to your popcorn or concrete roofs, make sure you also bring the right people on board.

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