Treat Unwanted Visitors in an Eco-Friendly Way

Everybody wants a clean-green pest-free environment around the year. The battle against these pests involves the use of some pesticides and chemicals. The pesticides destroy the infestations very quickly and prevent your property from damages. But do you know that these chemicals are harmful to you and your family? They may cause several environmental and health issues. To avoid these hazards, you may go for Eco-Friendly Treatments for pest control. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator NYC - Eco-Friendly Treatments are simple and safe for all.

Eco-friendly treatments for pests control have many benefits, and topmost is no chronic illness. Chemicals present in pesticides may result in some chronic health issues such as congenital disabilities, genetic changes and nerve disorders. There are short term issues also associated with exposure to chemical pesticides like Nausea, dizziness, or skin and eye irritation.

Toxic pesticides kill many useful pollinators too, such as butterflies, hummingbirds, and honey bees. Since eco-friendly methods don’t disturb the eco-system, they are called eco-friendly solutions.

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Pest control Solutions 

Do you know that even the smallest exposure to chemical loaded pesticides can be very hazardous? Even your pets can have seizures and respiratory issues after ingesting or exposing them to a pesticide. On the other hand, eco-friendly pesticides not only save you from severe health hazards but are also safer for the environment.

To get better long-term results, get the most suitable eco-friendly pest control way to clean the infestation. It is tough for insects to develop resistance against eco-friendly treatments. These solutions target the root of the problem and make sure the issue does not turn again.

If you are tired of creating a beautiful landscape again and again because the chemical treatment causes the vegetation to shrivel, then go for eco-friendly treatment. The harmful pesticides slow down the regrowth of grass and bushes as the chemicals remain there in the soil for long.

EZ Bed Bug Exterminator NYC - Eco-Friendly Treatments are convenient, safe, and don’t have a strong smell.

Some Common Eco-Friendly Pest Treatment Methods 

If you have decided to treat your home with an eco-friendly solution, then you can choose from a variety of treatments available. Eco- friendly solutions may involve steam treatment, heat treatment, or freezing treatment.

Although heat and sunlight are natural killers of many pests, the manual application of thermal heat will remove the bugs without any risks. The thermal treatment involves raising the temperature inside the home. The bugs are intolerant toward excessive temperature, and hence they cannot withstand it longer. Another advantage of this method is that they distribute evenly throughout the home, and therefore, no corner is left untreated. The next best thing is you can enter your home after a few hours.

Steam is so powerful that it can run engines and turbines. When it comes to eliminating bugs, it is an effective treatment as compared to others. It is safe, chemical-free, and fast. To avoid any mess, don’t try to use this method on your own. Take the help of a professional for the treatment.

Crayonite is the next innovative and non-toxic technology that kills insects and pesticides efficiently. The dry ice converts directly to gas and makes the treatment more effective. The treatment also clears the bugs hidden inside pipes or electrical motors without interfering with the operation. The speedy cooling process eradicates bug eggs, larvae, and adult bugs. Behind wallpapers or in bed frames, Cryonite will reach every corner and kill the bugs.

These eco-friendly pest treatment methods are minimally-toxic and don’t disrupt your life. Without any strong smell and toxicity, they will solve your pests problem completely.

Are You Also Looking For an Eco-Friendly Exterminator

Going for eco-friendly pest removal is a good step, but choosing the right pest control company is also important. EZ-PEST Exterminating provides safe solutions and doesn’t bring chemicals to your home for eco-friendly treatment. We are fully licensed and insured for termination work and inspections. There are hidden charges for regular or emergency services.

Call us anytime 24*7 for any big or small job; we eliminate your problem in time. We are committed to quality and safety with 100% safe and effective methods. Residents of New York City and surrounding areas can take advantage of our services.

Proper follow-up ensures the effectiveness of our treatment and prevents any further issues. Contact us and get rid of the problem you are facing. We will suggest you all the available solutions and help you to decide which one will suit you the most.

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