Simple DIY Renovations That Can Have A Huge Impact on Your Apartment

Doing some simple renovations to your apartment can make a dramatic difference in the way your home looks, feels and functions. You don't have to call in a professional or spend a lot of money to make a significant impact on your ability to enjoy your apartment better. All it takes is a little time, thought and creativity, and you can significantly enhance the appearance and energy in your apartment home. You don't need power tools, advanced carpentry and home renovation skills or a degree in interior decorating and design. All you need is confidence, a paintbrush and a screwdriver.

Simple Impactful Bathroom Changes

Some Visual Tricks

You can transform your bathroom and make it look and feel larger, taller, brighter and more soothing by simply changing the color scheme.  A soft, bright, color scheme that employs neutrals, whites and pastel colors and tones can aid in that relaxing atmosphere for your bathroom. Using cool colors creates a feeling of serenity. Putting a light color on the walls using either paint or wallpaper will create the illusion the bathroom is spacious. Use accessories and lush towels to add a touch of bright colour. Complete the transformation by simply using a screwdriver to install new chic-looking stainless steel tapware. You can even add a plant or two to visually refresh the room and help clean the air.

Cook Up Kitchen Changes

TLC For Your Cabinets

You can quickly and easily brighten up and update old, drab-looking kitchen cabinets by sanding off the old finish and applying a fresh coat of paint. Some suggestions for shades include brightly-hued yellow, deep navy or pristine white paint. Adding new, more modern, angular-shaped or uniquely designed cupboard door handles can instantly liven up the kitchen and add new energy. Painting the kitchen walls in a light, bright color that creates an eye-catching contrast with the cabinetry can improve the visibility for cooking. You could even start hanging pendant to make the kitchen feel exciting and new by creating a spotlight effect on certain features and areas. If you’re updating your kitchen and looking to sell your apartment, these improvements could increase the value of your home.

Liven Up The Living Room

A Brand New Look

Livening up the living room where you relax with your family and entertain guests is easy and inexpensive. A fresh coat of white paint instantly makes the room look and feel larger. From there, adding an intriguing colour or design on a featured accent wall can create a dramatic difference. You can speak to a professional painter for ideas summaries on costs and design ideas. Ripping out the old carpeting and upgrading the room's look with affordable, thick, lush, carpeting or by sanding and polishing wooden floors and accessorizing with patterned rugs are upgrades that bring new life to stale-looking living rooms. Plus, merely rearranging the furniture and swapping some sleek-looking pieces for bulkier ones can work wonders.

Creating A Better Bedroom

A More Stylish, Serene, Sleep Sanctuary

Starting and ending each day in a beautiful, comfortable, sleep sanctuary can significantly improve your quality of life. Installing beautiful blinds, high-quality curtains, investing in attractive, comfortable, high thread count linens and sheets can change the way you sleep. Adding gorgeous lamps that deliver soft, soothing, diffused light can make your bedroom into a much more restful private sanctuary for very little money. It can create a harmonious, tranquil, atmosphere in your bedroom that helps bless you with blissful sleep and allows you to awake refreshed, energized and ready to face even the most hectic, challenging day.

Lovely, Lively, Landscaping

A Gorgeous Garden

A gorgeous garden just outside your apartment door improves the first impression people have of your home. Installing container and in-ground gardens filled with spectacular-looking plants and flowers is an easy and inexpensive way to enhance the natural atmosphere in and around your home. Incorporating lively, landscaping elements, stone footpaths and neat bushes and shrubs, adds a splash of greenery, makes your home more inviting, enhances its curb appeal. You could also introduce specific plants like palms and flora with natural green accents to create a coastal-like home.

Enhancing Beauty, Style, Function and Value

With some fresh paint, improved lighting, rearranged furniture, new sheets, towels and accessories, some colorful plants, you can transform your home. With a little imagination, you can make some cost-effective changes that transform your apartment home and enhance its beauty, style, function and value. It doesn't take a lot of money, time or skill. All you need is vision, confidence and a little research.

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