White Kitchen Decor Ideas For 2020

White kitchens live through trends. Many kitchen design trends come and go but the white kitchen still stands, and for a good reason. White surfaces look bright and clean. If you are not good with colors, you do not have to spend a lot of time choosing the best colors for your kitchen; everything is white. 

If you fear that an all-white kitchen might look boring, below are white kitchen décor ideas to inspire you to go for a white kitchen. If you are starting to feel that your modern white kitchen décor is too white, then you can tweak it a little to make it more interesting. 

How to Decorate White Kitchen

An all-white kitchen can look monotonous and even give a depressing feel. White is associated with cleanliness but it can also symbolize sadness. To add color to your kitchen, consider the following points. 

Keep It Classic with a Touch of Black

If you choose a classic style, the emphasis of the kitchen design goes to the style and not the color. Again, classic kitchen design will incorporate marble counters, white cabinetry, wood finishes on some surfaces, and subway tile backsplash among other classic timeless designs. The barstools are a great addition to your kitchen. 

To neutralize the white kitchen, you can add black accents that break the monotony of a white kitchen. You can add black on the cabinetry, bar stools, use black stainless steel appliances, or add a few black light fixtures. 

Add a Splash of Color

A white kitchen does not mean that everything has to be white. In most cases, when the core elements in your kitchen are white, you have already achieved a white kitchen feel in your kitchen. You can break the white kitchen and make it better looking by adding a pop of color. You can do so by using wood surfaces (especially for the cabinetry), choosing bold colors for the appliances, or changing other minor elements of the kitchen. 

One of the best white kitchen décor ideas is to design the kitchen based on your budget. If your budget allows, you can change all appliances. If you are working with a small budget, consider changing the accessories and fixtures in the kitchen. 

Change the Lighting 

White hanging lights in a white kitchen might make you see that you have too much white. To change that, you can use colored lights with colored pendants or even choose beautiful chandeliers. For instance, using bronze pendants will create youthful energy in your kitchen. 

You should treat your kitchen like a piece of art and try adding color to it in a minimalist design. If you add too much color, the white kitchen is masked and instead you will have a completely different color scheme. 

Highlight the Kitchen’s Architectural Details

When you make architectural aspects of your kitchen stand out, the white color will not look boring. For instance, you can choose for a minimalist design with backless stools and simple light pendants that let you see the beauty of the kitchen architecture. This way, you will enjoy the design of your kitchen even when the color looks bright. 

Pick Contrasting Cabinets

A small white kitchen can look blinding and sterile. However, you can change all that by changing the color of your kitchen cabinets. The easiest way to contrast the cabinets is to leave their natural wood finish on. If you choose any other color, choose a neutral color that will bring in your personality. If you have white quartz countertops, you can change the color of the cabinets to highlight the beauty of the countertop. You can learn more here about white quartz countertops. 

Bring in Greenery

Plants will add life (literally) to boring kitchen surfaces. You can add greenery by hanging planters on the kitchen island. To further accentuate the green feel, you can hang a framed piece of art showing plants. 

If you decide to add flowers and greenery, the best way to complement that is to add a pop of green on any other element of the kitchen. With a modern white kitchen décor, a few green appliances, or a green window frame will do the trick. 

Add Texture

Texture-rich colors, and color patterns make white less boring. For instance, you can pick textured countertops, textured wood finish on cabinets, textured flooring, and many more elements. This way, although you will still have a lot of white, the textures will make your décor more interesting and fun. 

If the textured surfaces are also white, you add differently-colored accent pieces to make the kitchen more aesthetically pleasing. 

Use Curtains and Wood to Sweeten a White Kitchen

Pale and neutral colors work well against a white backdrop. You can sweeten your white kitchen by adding pale-colored curtains. You can also enhance the look more by adding pale oak floors. Add black latches on classic cabinetry to give a vintage look that makes the kitchen fun. 

Thick Countertops and a Rug

When you have thick countertops, your kitchen will look modern. If you do not like thick countertops, choose a waterfall kitchen island as it has the same effect. The beauty of a waterfall kitchen countertop will draw you away from the excess white of the kitchen. 

The modern feel can be further enhanced by use of a rug. You can add contrast with the rug without breaking the light color scheme. You can also include floating shelves that will bring out the beauty of the rug. 

Add Floor Patterns

If you want to break the monochromatic look of an all-white kitchen without drawing too much attention to the flooring, you can do so by adding neutral-colored patterned flooring. Everything else can be spotless white. 


An all-white kitchen looks great – you can incorporate any trends that come into your white kitchen. As long as the core elements are white, you will not struggle with how to decorate a white kitchen. Small pale-colored or neutral colored accents will make a white kitchen fun and great looking. Keep everything minimalistic so attention is not drawn on the elements of the kitchen that are too white. 

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