8 Helpful Tips For A Long-Distance Move

Allocating time towards planning your move carefully is a pro-active way of avoiding pitfalls that may arise along the way. There are variances between local and long-distance moves that must be considered during the pre-moving process. If you’re planning on moving long distance, you can have a look at these helpful tips to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Be prepared for the unexpected. With moving thousands of miles, anything can happen, therefore make sure you have the proper coverage.  Evaluate beforehand if you require value-added coverage or if you only want basic coverage. Make a note of deductibles as well as the amount of coverage you’ll be getting. If you’re unsure about what’s best for you, the moving company can explain the variances among the coverages so that you can make an informed choice.

Examine Outdoor Furniture

Be sure to inspect outdoor furniture for signs of larvae or insect infestation. Particular moving regulations are in place on furniture to avoid transporting contaminants across the state lines. Familiarize yourself with these regulations prior to moving.

Draft An Inventory List

Moving agencies such as This Side Up Moving Company that handle long-distance moves must know how much possessions you have. The best way of letting them know is by making a list of everything. It can also assist with obtaining an accurate price estimate from the moving company and to stay organized when packing and keep tabs of it while moving.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

Remember, the more items you move across border lines, the pricier it will become. It’s useful to cut down on the items that you don’t need or want anymore. Donate, gift and sell all such possessions prior to moving.


For long-distance hauls, the belongings will be handled by multiple teams of moving employees and will be transported in a truck over a significant stretch of miles. Be sure to pack everything well and insure it is well-cushioned inside the boxes. Containers inside the boxes must also be well sealed.

Organize While You Pack

This can save you a lot of time when you’re moving interstate. We particularly recommend organizing a box with items that you’ll be using right of the back once you’ve arrived on day one. This could include things like clothing, pans, plates, etc. Also, label all boxes that contain fragile items. It helps to group them into specialty boxes that must indicate the movers must handle them with care. The rest of the boxes can be marked according to rooms.

Pack The Mattress In A Box

This helps for the mattress to attain its shape and prevent damage or tarnishing during the move.

Avoid Packing Essentials That You’re Going To Require Upon Arrival

Keep personal paperwork like social security card, passport, birth certificate and drivers’ licence with you. Keep important documents like recent tax returns, bank statement or payslips separate and don’t pack them in boxes. You’re probably going to them once you start job hunting. Also pack essentials like toiletries, sleeping materials, clothes and other items that you may need on your first night in a separate bag.

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